Tuesday, April 20, 2010

From the Work Table & Garden

Don't you just love the show and tell aspect of blogging?  Things in life are  better when shared and so much fun to share the little daily things that otherwise would get lost and forgotten.

Here are some new items I've created for our Shabby Cottage space at the Corner Nest antique mall. Some are made from a tea dyed old pillowcase, some from cream colored batting and some from cream colored felt.
 I call them Cottage Hearts.

The other day I was outside walking around the house and actually remembered to take my camera.
( a real feat for me)

I love the simple, subtle beauty of the Hellebores.
  I wish they bloomed all summer and not just a short time in the early spring...

A flowering cherry bush in my front garden bed...another short time bloomer...

and Candytuft just make me smile.

That's it for an overcast Tuesday here in the Tennessee mountains.
Hugs to you dear bloggers.

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All simply gorgeous...I love your sweet little hearts :)

So happy that my daffodils have perked up after the "droop" they suffered from last Friday's snow. Other than forsythia, that's the only thing blooming so far. LOVE your flowers!

Anonymous said...

All so beautiful!! My Weeping Cherry Tree is at it's peak & sensational!!
Have A Wonderful Day!!

QueenBe said...

Those little hearts are adorable. The daffodils look so Spring-y.... my few are finished blooming. Your blog looks great!

QueenBe said...

Meant to say your "flowers" look so Spring-y, and that my daffodils are already finished blooming! My mind got sidetracked!

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

what sweet little hearts! - and the flowers are lovely.

slommler said...

Love your hearts!!! And the flower pictures are stunning!

Lafe's Hidden Treasures said...

Great share and a wonderful idea. The flowers are so pretty. Our flowers are out just yet. Have a nice Thursday. http://lafeshiddentreasures.blogspot.com/

Lovey said...

Beautiful and love the hearts....sweet gifts.