Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Pendant Kits

Even though these were supposed to be finished LAST month, I still feel good about finally getting them done because it is something else to cross of my 2010 "To Do" list and add to my growing list of cross offs.  I have a long to do list but I try to do them in short lists so that I don't feel totally overwhelmed.  And yet some weeks, even a short list, is more than enough to try and get everything done. 

Lately I've been dealing with a stretch of procrastination that is confounding me.  I don't know where it came from but possibly it could be the long and unusually dreary winter we had, still hanging on tenaciously to my soul.  It started sometime in February and  I keep trying to shake it off and plod through each day determined to get more done than the previous day, but sometimes to no avail.  So getting the kits done, photographed and listed "seemed" more difficult than it actually was. 
Weird.  I don't like it.

The kits are in very limited numbers until I see how they do.  
 I have the 1.5" size also coming soon.

Each kit comes in Antique Copper or Black Patina and there are 3 themes to choose from:
Paris, Ancestors or Wings (birds, fairies and angels).

You will get three finished pendants from each kit.

You can find them HERE

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Anonymous said...

What wonderful kits!! Don't feel bad...with my health issues I ran a streak of self-pity & that led to procrastination too!!

slommler said...

I know exactly how you feel. I have been mired in quicksand myself and trying my darnedest to get things done. So congrats on getting these darling kits listed. The are so cool!