Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Question for my Blogger Friends

It must be Spring because I've been in a cleaning mood. I lined shelves in the kitchen.  I cleaned up my studio. I started cleaning the flower beds.  I've even been cleaning up my blog trying to make it look neater.   I created a video of some of my work and replaced the class video link (which is now at the bottom of the page).  I changed the background a tad, neatened and rearranged the sidebars some.  All in all I think it looks much cleaner even if no one else notices the changes.

Here is my question for you my sweet blogger friends...when you create a post and are not using your own photos, where do you find the photos you do use, without infringing on copyrights?  I admit to being paranoid about copyright infringement when it comes to images.  I travel a lot of blogs, see a lot of pictures that I know do not belong to the blog owner,  and often there is no credit listed either.  Do you think some people don't care or maybe understand about copyrights?  Do you think I'm being to paranoid?  Is there a secret place everyone knows about but me?  Are you keeping me in the dark like Face Book does? LOL 

Happy Wednesday sweet bloggers! 

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Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

I use a LOT of vintage and retro no copyright images. I also use images from other blogs, but always try to give credit for where I found it. If I can't remember (it's happened a few times), I just mention that I forgot where I found it, but will be happy to credit the blog if they contact me. A couple of times they have (and I updated the post with the information) ... nobody has ever asked me to remove the images.

I also browse a lot of sites that have photos which are not copyrighted.

If anybody ever complained about the use of their images - even if credited - I would remove them.

Did that help? LOL

Anonymous said...

I don't really know how to help you out with this question of yours.....I only ever use my own photography! it's just the 'no brainer, safer way to go'! lol

There are definately copyrighted images out there, so you wouldn't want to use these photos.....and if you do use someones pic...just ask permission...and leave the credits...

anyhoodle..hope that helps!

I like your spring blog revamping! it's cleaner...well done!

ciao bella
creative carmelina

The Charm House said...

Gail! I am so glad you ask this question. I have wondered the same thing. Many times I do a search on google and look for a copyright on it. My understanding is that older images the copyright has expired. That's why I do many black and white images. Also, many blogs offer free images. Many times I will ask the person if I can copy their images. Most of the time people respond, if they don't and I think it is really great information I will copy one image just to direct them to the post on that person's blog. If it is wrong, I am sorry and feel really bad. I do believe as bloggers we want to share great information with others. There has only been a few blogs that I have seen people really have a problem with their images being posted. I STAY AWAY FROM THEM.... Just so I am not tempted to share the information on their blog. I personally think life is to short to worry about such a thing as copyright now days. I mean really... Is God the creator of ALL things! If I have a great piece of art or photography that I have taken or some other image... I will slide my name The charm House on it just to share my name too.
Hope this helps and I can't wait to see what others say!

slommler said...

I have Googled for pictures and haven't always given credit because there was no one listed to give credit too. Or it was Wikipedia. But I usually try to use my own. I don't think this really answers your question...LOL!! But I wouldn't worry overly you are not using the images to sell! Just to illustrate. They can always be removed if someone takes issue.

Anonymous said...

Gail, I always try to give credit when I know who the copyright holder is. I rarely post pictures other than my own. If I use products with images such as scrapbook paper, I try to give credit to the designer if I have that information. I've often used your papers and have mentioned that I purchased them from you.

I think many people don't understand that they are infringing copyrights. For instance, I don't think we're supposed to post pictures from magazines unless it's a review. There is a copyright notice in magazines that says reproduction is not allowed in most that I've seen.

Other people just don't care. If a person earns a living from their designs, I think that's something people possibly don't take into consideration when they post others' artwork. Intellectual property becomes tangible property once it takes a form outside the mind, whether it's on paper or other materials.
It's not to be used without permission. This is a topic near and dear to the hearts of many of my artist friends and recently copyright issues have been addressed in Washington, DC. Information is on my blog.


Nita Jo said...

I feel very strongly about honoring the copyright of an artist or writer. Even some very old images still have copyrights in place. They are renewed by families.

Dover Publications has CD's you can buy of classic artists, children's storybook illustrations, etc. that are royalty free, meaning you can use them in your own art projects. There are several bloggers who share images... The Feathered Nest, Graphic Fairy, etc.

I have a note on my blog that all images, photos, and writing is not for reproduction without written permission. I do this to protect my creations, and the creations of others that I have used with permission. I occasionally post images that are free for the taking, and I indicate that in the post.

When people make a living by the written word, painting, photography, and music, we have no right to take it without permission. It falls into the same category as those who copy CD's or DVD's for resale. It's just wrong.

Do check out Dover Publications Clip Art. They have some wonderful images to purchase, and if you sign up to receive their email, you get free samples you can download to your computer!

So, you know your images are safe from me at least! I will never copy without your permission! Your work is worthy of being paid for!

Nita Jo

Trishia said...

Gail, I think the copyright issue is a very important one. Just as there has been a clamp down on 'stealing' music, I think more and more will be done to protect copyrights of images and words on the Internet. I do think the cart got ahead of the horse. The WWW should have been designed from the beginning so that pictures and such could not be copied so easily. I have blogged about how to disable "right click copy" and "left click open a new window" to help prevent photos from being stolen. Strangely enough, a lot of people just don't want to go to the trouble to protect their image.