Thursday, April 22, 2010

Oh The Possibilities!

I'm very excited to be able to finally check mark this on my 2010 "To Do" list!  I have just introduced a new Digital format in both my Shabby Cottage Studio online store and my Etsy store.  These are single images that have been created at a large size.  The majority will be approximately 8"x10" depending on the orientation of the design.  I have started this series with 10 different images and there will be more added to this line. My mind is swirling with ideas!
Here are a few samples and the whole line can be found here.

This is a small and shabby-licious envelope pillow I made for myself from muslin with lovely frayed edges.  I used the Paris Postcard image, printed to more muslin and then sewed to the pillow cover.  BUT!  I could just as easily printed the image onto Photo Transfer paper---->
and ironed it to my pillow cover.  Except I was out of the paper!

These large single images and as high quality as my collage sheets, all created at 300dpi.  Larger images give you so many more possibilities. 

You can use these images and print directly to paper or fabric.

You can also print onto fabric transfer paper for fabric transfers if you can not print directly onto fabric. I like the Avery Iron On T-Shirt Transfers. If your image has text on it remember when using iron on transfers to reverse the image before you apply it to the transfer paper... or your text will come out backwards.

You can use these on waterslide decal is a link in case you are not familiar with this paper but I have not used them or the paper so I am not endorsing any particular seller of this product.

What to use them on?  Well right off the top of my head....

Chair Cushions
Know those slipcovers for Parsons chairs? What a great project!
Print on fabric and frame it in a lovely shabby old frame
Wooden Signs
Quilt Squares
Canvas/Fabric Tote Bags
Create Cards or Invitations
Fabric Collage
Do you do direct image transfers in your mixed media art work? These are great!
Wearable Art

And as with my collage sheets you can use these images on anything you create and sell, you just can't sell the images themselves.

My brain is jumping like crazy with those possibilities, especially now that we have our space at the Corner Nest antique mall!  I hope you likey likey!

 Happy Thursday lovely bloggers!
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slommler said...

Beautiful images!!! My mind is reeling with ideas.

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

These are terrific! - I just ordered a couple, and wondering what treasures I'll make with them!