Monday, May 31, 2010

Monday Morning Market

You might find a theme going on here.  Our weather has been so wonderful and the birds melodiously happy outside our open windows.

Bluebird on Sage ~ Blue Finger Studios

Hemp Bag with Flying Swallows ~ Uzura

Turquoise Blossoms ~ Sweet Findings 4 You

Magpie ~ Dimdi

I hope everyone has been having a great long Memorial holiday weekend here in the States!
I hope you like my finds.

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Note to Self

On the fly today. Finishing up yet another workroom space redo my mind is on storage ideas. Want ideas too? Check out Craftzine. And definitely check out the workroom in the fireplace!

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Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday Morning Market

These are my fav's of the week and what I chose to feature on Monday Morning Market...maybe one or more will become your fav too! 

Alice in Wonderland ~ The Nebulous Kingdom

Candy Pink Crinoline ~ Loca Loves Pirate

Secret Society Masquerade Mask ~ Prizm Girl

Steam Punk Ruffled Skirt ~ Crescent Wench

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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Buy Two Photoshop Elements Classes Get the 2nd 50% Off!

Memorial Day is coming up and I decided to offer up a sale on my Photoshop Elements classes over at Creative Workshops!  This is a first and a great deal.  If you've been thinking about taking a Photoshop Elements digital class, now is the time.  Buy two classes.  I will then refund you 50% of the lesser valued class.  It's that easy and a great savings!  But hurry because this offer ends Midnight May 31, 2010. 
Click on the link below the image to go directly to the store page,  visit Shabby Cottage Studio  or click Ongoing Classes.

Here's a summary of some of what you will find in the Brushes workshop:

*  Tools and tasks overview
*  Step by step via video as I work in Photoshop elements and you learn how to easily make any image into a digital brush, how to size and recolor them
*  How to combine digital brushes with an image. Comes with images to get you started on the fun! Learn these valuable, easy steps
*  Plus you receive a lot of free images so that you can work along with me step by step
* Before long you'll be working with your own images. Incorporate digital into your 3D work as your imagination takes you new places!
* My classes are ongoing so you have 24/7 access to the videos and access to me for questions when they stop date to worry about, work at your own pace!
*  4 Video segments jam packed with information (before I learned to make more segments and make them shorter LOL)

Here's a summary of some of  what you will find in the Digital Collage workshop:

*  Tools and tasks overview
*  Beginning to learn to work with layers
*Blending layers
*  Learn how to combine multiple images into a collage...
or to move multiple images onto one document
*  more than one way to re-color an image
*  removing an image from the background
*  learn to create a shadow for depth
*  resize without distortion
* Plus you receive a lot of free images so that you can work along with me step by step
* Before long you'll be working with your own images. Incorporate digital into your 3D work as your imagination takes you new places!

* My classes are ongoing so you have 24/7 access to the videos and access to me for questions when they stop date to worry about, work at your own pace!
10 Video segments!

Here's a summary of some of what you will find in the Magic of Digital Art workshop:

*  Learn to create your own backgrounds using images, patterns and brushes

* Use blending modes to change your layers
*  How to use the clone tool to remove unwanted parts of an image
** How to use the eraser tool as a "paper punch"
*  Learn to create shapes and use as borders
*  Creating text filled with color, pattern
*  Adding depth with shadows and glows
*  Getting started with filters and adding texture with filters
*  Use the background eraser to remove a background and reveal the layer beneath
*Use a clipping mask to add color and texture
* Resources for free brushes, how to download and add them to your computer and using them in your PSE/PS
* Plus you receive a lot of free images so that you can work along with me step by step
* Before long you'll be working with your own images. Incorporate digital into your 3D work as your imagination takes you new places!

* My classes are ongoing so you have 24/7 access to the videos and access to me for questions when they stop date to worry about, work at your own pace!
*  Jam packed with information...18 video segments!

And for a little shameless self-promotion this is some of the feedback I've received:

 I took your digital collage class and can't thank you enough for it! From knowing absolutely nothing about photoshop elements, I was able to start creating digital collages almost immediately thanks to your clear instructions and screen shots on the video.
Just seemed that you were right there across the table from me!
Enjoyed the videos very much and you did a wonderful job teaching.
Thanks again,
I have taken two of your classes and have on other occasions told you how much they
furthered my understanding of Elements and how to use it.

I took classes with many Elements Guru's and spent a small fortune and did not understand nor come away from the classes with as much knowledge and enthusiasm as I did yours.

The other classes SAID they were for beginners...but I guess no one was as much of a 'beginner' as I was because they assumed you knew way more than I did.
But your classes, Gail...'took me by the hand' and showed me step by step.

Thank you so much for taking the time to, first create these videos and then to be there for me when a question did arise.


Hugs and Blessings,

"Gail, I simply HAD to write to tell you that your digital workshops are AMAZING. I have taken both of them, and, as I have previously indicated, I was an addict after the first lesson of the first class. I couldn't get enough. I kept playing and discovering and creating and have yet to quit. Or get bored (which is quite a feat for my ADD! LOL).
Long story short, I have taken my digital work 'on the road,' so to speak, and was notified last week that three of my digital pieces were accepted into an art show in New York! I cannot thank you enough and thought you'd be happy to know that your teaching is not only effective, but sublime.


Come on let's get Creative together!

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Little of This, a Little of That & My Plan

Fresh picked strawberries from our garden.  We've indulged in strawberry shortcake, eaten them over ice cream and in my morning cereal.  Mr. Shabby has froze some and made jam of  some.  We LOVE strawberries!

On my way to the barn I saw this and knew I should take a picture. 
 All our hard labor last year is paying off.  Roses and peonies blooming.

If you've been around my blog long enough you know these are my favorite flowers.  Up here in Tennessee they are sometimes pronounced pee-own-ees depending on who you talk to.  I call them pee-ah-nees. :-)

Adorable small stools Mr. Shabby makes for my friend Liz at Artful Endeavors which she in turn sells to her painting students.

Paint racks Mr. Shabby also sells to Liz for her students.  They started out so many years ago for my work table when I painted and they hold so much and don't take up a lot of room and other people wanted them when they saw them.

A new Project!  This is now sitting in the spray area being primed.  It is a new workbench Mr. Shabby built for me.  (What a guy!) I keep saying I don't paint anymore, but I've seen I have to give in since we opened Shabby Cottage at the Corner Nest.  I will be doing painting of our found treasures for the space.  So this will be the wet and dirty area.  It has drawers for storage, tall enough for any work I want to do standing up and room for a stool when I want to sit.  And made to fit a specific spot since I have a very small workroom.  You see I have a PLAN!

The new workbench will be replacing my favorite piece.  Mr. Shabby doesn't like this piece but I love it.  I married the top of an old primitive cabinet to a child's armoire.  Mr. Shabby put shelves for me behind the door so there is lots(!) of storage in this baby.  But I'm not getting rid of it, no siree!

This spot will be it's new home right next door.  This is my woefully inadequate photography and shipping area.  The light box will be moving to a closet right beside it and able to be wheeled out as needed. The old chest will be redone and moved to our  Shabby Cottage space. 
See, I told you I had a plan!  :-) 
Mr. Shabby always knows that when I start a sentence with. "I've been thinking..." that it involves moving or building something...or both.  This time it's both.

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Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday Morning Market

Today's images are from Gypsy Moon, a company I was introduced to last weekend when my friend Liz came to visit.  Their clothing and accessories are so romantic and evocative of another time.  Even if I were my younger and skinnier self I could never afford these, but if I could have I would have because they strongly appeal to who I was then.

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

On the Worktable ~ Picking Treasures

I got in a mood this afternoon and grabbed the camera and started snapping pics of what was happening in my workroom at that editing to make things look pretty. ;-)  Here is what I found through the lens.

Thinking out loud  in fabric

Little pink houses...for you and me
(think John Cougar Melloncamp)
OK they're not all pink but the song is stuck in my head
Paint, glaze and destination unknown...but I'll figure it out
The two on the right are prototypes of the unfinished ones soon to be in the shop

Close up of the two chunky pink houses that I can't put in the shop
because they're so heavy to ship at a decent price.
So when they're done off to Shabby Cottage at the Corner Nest.

Textured this one before aging

Gail finally decided on the fabric so when I grow up I want to be a pretty chair and go live
at Shabby Cottage  in the Corner Nest.

Hand painted train case I did and finally after all these years I can let go.
Off to Shabby Cottage at Corner Nest.

Liz was up for a few days this past weekend and we went "picking"!  Yes, we're fans of American Pickers!  So now our treasure hunting we're playfully referring to as picking.  What fun.  Here are a few of my "picking" treasures.  We went up to Damascus VA, about 45 minutes away, where they were having a Town Yard Sale in conjunction with their Trail Days (Appalachian that is) Celebration.  I didn't spend over a dollar for anything!  Now that's MY kind of bargain! 

Vintage threads and yarns

Look at those prices!  Cute them up and off to the Shabby Cottage!

3 sets of handmade frames...getting out the paint!
Whether they will be a project or go to the Shabby Cottage is up in the air.
  Maybe both!

My dollar vintage frame. 
This baby is headed for a makeover and my kitchen!

An oak jewelry box.  Not to pretty now (I confess not an oak fan here)
but she's also due for a makeover and off to Shabby Cottage.

So that's what happening in the way of workroom projects on my agenda.
Now I better get in there and go to work!
Hope everyone is enjoying their week!

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Monday, May 10, 2010

Monday Market Finds

Be still my beating heart.
These would SO be in my home and on my wrist.
I hope you enjoy my finds this week.
Peace Rose Blossom ~ Boniflower
Petite French Farmhouse Pillows ~ My Adobe Cottage

Shabby Vintage Aqua Painted Chest ~ Royal Oak Cottage

Steampunk Bracelet ~ The Steampunk Trunk

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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

A smile for mom's everywhere
But especially for you mom
 Thanks for everything you do!
Much love from your daughter!



Saturday, May 1, 2010

Help me Celebrate my Birthday...Free Giveaways!

Yes I did say Giveaways...plural. This is the third year of our Birthday Bash Sale and I always run a giveaway in conjunction with the sale. It's my little way of saying thank you to my rockin' customers and blog friends and celebrating my birthday with you.  This year I am giving away three pieces of my artwork. 
And these are the creations:

One of my decorative bottles

A small fabric collaged Quattro lined notebook

My altered Bird mirror

To be eligible simply leave a comment on this post and this post only (so I can make sure everyone is counted) between Saturday May 1 and midnight Wednesday May 5.  On May 6 I'll add up all the comments, put the numbers in a random generator and we'll have three winners!

Plus don't forget to stop by Shabby Cottage Studio and check out the 25% off Everything Sale (except classes, shipping and gift certificates).  Sale price will be marked on each item.  Sale runs May 1 through May 5!  I hope to see you over there!

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