Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Little of This, a Little of That & My Plan

Fresh picked strawberries from our garden.  We've indulged in strawberry shortcake, eaten them over ice cream and in my morning cereal.  Mr. Shabby has froze some and made jam of  some.  We LOVE strawberries!

On my way to the barn I saw this and knew I should take a picture. 
 All our hard labor last year is paying off.  Roses and peonies blooming.

If you've been around my blog long enough you know these are my favorite flowers.  Up here in Tennessee they are sometimes pronounced pee-own-ees depending on who you talk to.  I call them pee-ah-nees. :-)

Adorable small stools Mr. Shabby makes for my friend Liz at Artful Endeavors which she in turn sells to her painting students.

Paint racks Mr. Shabby also sells to Liz for her students.  They started out so many years ago for my work table when I painted and they hold so much and don't take up a lot of room and other people wanted them when they saw them.

A new Project!  This is now sitting in the spray area being primed.  It is a new workbench Mr. Shabby built for me.  (What a guy!) I keep saying I don't paint anymore, but I've seen I have to give in since we opened Shabby Cottage at the Corner Nest.  I will be doing painting of our found treasures for the space.  So this will be the wet and dirty area.  It has drawers for storage, tall enough for any work I want to do standing up and room for a stool when I want to sit.  And made to fit a specific spot since I have a very small workroom.  You see I have a PLAN!

The new workbench will be replacing my favorite piece.  Mr. Shabby doesn't like this piece but I love it.  I married the top of an old primitive cabinet to a child's armoire.  Mr. Shabby put shelves for me behind the door so there is lots(!) of storage in this baby.  But I'm not getting rid of it, no siree!

This spot will be it's new home right next door.  This is my woefully inadequate photography and shipping area.  The light box will be moving to a closet right beside it and able to be wheeled out as needed. The old chest will be redone and moved to our  Shabby Cottage space. 
See, I told you I had a plan!  :-) 
Mr. Shabby always knows that when I start a sentence with. "I've been thinking..." that it involves moving or building something...or both.  This time it's both.

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Trishia said...

Gail, I always say pee-own-ies:)!ha! Ever how you pronounce it, they sure are goregous.
Wish I had some of that vintage string you got for a dollar --- would look lovely around my postcard bundles:)
Well, today is my day 'off' so I'm blog walking (!--just saw that term today, luv it!) before I get down to my 'catch up' list.

Nita Jo said...

Your peonies are gorgeous! I love what you're doing to your studio. I haven't done much to my son's room since he moved. Planning to get to it next week... hopefully!

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

I'm a pee-ah-nee boy LOL

gorgeous pic of whichever-way-you-pronounce-them!

storage - is there ever enough storage? LOL

Shabby Cottage Studio said...

Never enough Tristan! LOL I'm always scrambling for more.

I see the bridge! ( Linda Lilly Cottage) said...

Oh I love your plan and I love your peonies....what a great post filled with wonderful things....thanks for sharing, I wish I could come over to your house to play, look at all those treasures and a barn to boot!
Have a wonderful day,
Kiss Noises Linda

Shabby Cottage Studio said...

Oh I wish you could come over and play Linda! What fun we would have!

slommler said...

Loving the peonies! Gorgeous...they are my favorite too!! And I agree...there is never enough storage!
Mr. Shabby does a good job!!

dining room tables said...

The strawberries looked so delicious! I want one! And about the project, great job!

Lori Katies Rose Cottage said...

I love roses and peonies ~ they are just my favorite flowers ever !! Yours are beautiful !