Wednesday, June 30, 2010


We have some new flowers and velvet leaves at the Cottage!  When they arrived, and as I opened packages, my muse kept nudging me..."Oh keep a package of these for you" she said.  But the problem was that she said that of every package I opened!  Inspiration can come from so many places!  These got my inspiration firing pins primed as flowers so often do.

One of our Shabby Cottage Studio customers, Kathleen Holley, was inspired by two of our collage sheets, Asian Potpourri and Fairy World to create some digital loveliness.  Kathleen was gracious enough to share her images with us!

I"ve had my own inspiration cooking lately and created some new designs for the stores.  Three large format images, Couture, French Tea Time, Eiffel Tower and a new paper called Marie.  The new large format images have proven very popular and the imaginative uses are endless.

I've also been creating in 3D.  I started these gift bags for Shabby Cottage at the Corner Nest and the first batch sold almost completely out so I had to make some more.  I've been asked and so I am thinking also about selling them online.  They come with the tissue paper and a gift tag...all someone has to do is add the gift! :-)

I hope everyone has wonderful plans for the July 4th holiday.  We are headed to Raleigh to spend time with Liz and Rick and do what we all do best, laugh, eat good food, shop and simply enjoy being together.  I wish the same happiness for you!  See you next week!
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Monday, June 28, 2010

Monday Morning Market

Summery sunshine would go in my cart today!

Daisy Day Dreams ~ Urban Design

Lemon Jade Beads ~ Diamond Sand

Lemon Meringue Sugar Polish ~ Copper Lilly Botanicals

Soft Seas Teapot ~ Organic ceramic

Vintage Typewriter Key Pendant ~ Precious Pastimes

I hope you enjoyed my selections!
Happy Monday my friends!

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Little Before and After

A Shabby Cottage treatment on two yard sale stools.

Hope you all are staying cool if you're in a hot spot like us!
Happy Thursday!

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Treasure Hunting

A week ago today we were on a whirlwind trip to Carrollton Ga.  An old friend of mine who has been an antique dealer for about 30 years is getting ready to downsize and her unbelievable collection has to find new homes.  I only wish I would have remembered to take pictures. But we arrived after 2 pm, worked our way through things until midnight with a late dinner break and were on our way back to TN by 7:30 Wed. morning.  My camera never made it of the truck.  Unless you could see it, you would not believe the scope of her collections in her 2500 sq. ft basement.  To say that I blew my budget, filled our truck and still didn't make a dent in her "stuff" is an understatement.  And there was so much more I was inerested in!!!

Here are images of not only some of what we brought home but everything else that is waiting to be worked on or in process.

Part of our back porch the morning after our arrival back home and unloading the truck.

Starting to sort through all the fabric "stuff"...this pile needs stain removal work.

A bolt of beautiful fabric!  I figure somewhere between 15 - 20 yards.
Anyone interested in some fabric?

More sorting out of things

Bags still full...cutter quilts, barkcloth and lace...lots and lots of lace.  Enough lace that I will be selling some of it online.

Some of the quilts, barkcloth and floursack towels I now have clean.

Taking care of musty smell.  The clothesline is temporary...I am a dryer kind of woman. ;-)

Whats in the Barn

Some of the shelving and display racks that have been sanded and waiting for paint jobs.  That box is full of old wood legs.

This old bed was actually brought to us by a neighbor...we're not sure yet what we'll do with it, soit waits in the barn.

What's in the Garage

My trusty compressor because I spray prime what is necessary and spray paint everything else.  We spray out in the old garage for now but eventually will have a dedicated spray area in the barn.

More shelving waiting to dry

and more waiting to dry.  You might recognize the table from a previous post of some yard sale finds.  Already a wonderful improvement.

This is a display cabinet piece I just got at a yard sale and I have plans for this baby!  I'll show you more about it later.

What's on the Worktable

Painted, glazed and drying.

Almost done.

So there you have it.  What's been keeping me busy...besides all the computer stuff and trying to think about art projects too. LOL

Happy Tuesday my wonderfully artful friends!
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Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday Market

Happy Solstice!  Official first day of Summer!
These all remind me of sweet summer fun.

Soft Skies ~ Monko Photography

Flower Shower ~ Chi-Town Creations

Summer.Mini.Carpet.Bag ~

4th of July hand embroidered pillow ~ Sewn Inspirations

Happy Monday Dear Blogging Friends!
Drink some lemonade and stay cool!

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Thursday, June 17, 2010

I'm asking for Opinions! Pretty Please!

I've been toying with an idea for my blog and can't seem to make up my mind.  I recently learned how to add tabs that run horizontal to the top of a blog below the header by doing it for Kecia's blog...see them here and notice the size of her photos.  And notice the size of the photos Lisa has on her Tarnished and Tattered blog.  Would you prefer those size images?  Would you use the tabs at the top of the blog?  The reason for the tabs would be if I went to large images I would have to change my blog to two columns rather than 3.  I think I'm really liking the look of those large images? 

 What say you?

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Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday Morning Market

If I were shopping today these would be in my cart. 
No doubt about it.

Full Metal Jacket ~ Cloud Cap Jewelry

Silver Flowers Locket ~ Jewels by Nature

Black Venetian Wrap  ~ Angelina Design

Genteel Leather Wallet ~ Urban Heirlooms

Happy Monday dear blogger friends!

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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Tarting up the Cottage

I've been dressing up Shabby Cottage at the Corner Nest and things are finally starting to come together. She still needs fleshed out with inventory but we're working on that and as with anything worth having, she will evolve and eventually get to where she needs to be.

A little Bling

A little Light

A little Lace

A few Flowers

Time for a Party

 Gift Bags for the Presents

A few nice Gifts

and you have Shabby Cottage
All Dolled Up!

Many thanks to sweet Izabella for her Funky Junk Sisters show inspiration and letting me brainstorm off her images.  And more thanks to my sister and Mr Shabby for all their help and hard work! 

Early, early this morning we went out treasure picking.  Here were my deals of the day.  Each one under $5.00!  I can't wait to put my touch on them and then send them out into the world at Shabby Cottage.

Okay this one is calling out to me for a little funkiness salvation

A little sanding , some paint, good to go

Haven't made up my mind yet, so may options
Happy Weekend Dear Friends!

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