Thursday, June 3, 2010

Customer Inspiration!

This Shadowbox Ballerina was a commissioned piece created by Cindy Craig. I wish Cindy had a site I could link you to but alas, at this time in date Miss Cindy does not (hint hint Cindy). The Ballerina is one of a kind handsculpted from polymer clay, no molds what so ever are used, she started from a lump of clay. I'm impressed aren't you? Cindy used two of our Decorative Papers, Black Damask and Nuawlins, in her background...thank you Cindy!

Aren't these canvas bags wonderful?! The talented and lovely ladies at Piper Bags have all sort of designs for their bags. I'm honored that they chose to use two of our new Large format designs French Bird and Hotel De L Opera to be part of all their lovliness! Thank you Judy and Natalie!

Shabby Cottage Studio has the best customers and online friends and I am honored and grateful for each and every one.  THANK YOU!

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slommler said...

Beautiful items! Love the Ballerina!
Hugging you

Anonymous said...

Hi Gail!
It has been so long since I made the rounds.. lol and I am so happy I did. I am loving your blog background! Did you create it?

Oh, about the ballerina, she sure is special, I love the way she made the doll, framed her and the composition she used. the Bags are Wonderful!

LuLu Kellogg said...

Oh boy....I am going to have to go take a peek at these bags.

I am trying to catch up on my Blog reading today. I have been battling pneumonia in both lungs for over two weeks! ughhhh!

Sending Love,

The Shabby Paris Market said...

The designs on the bags are gorgeous! You did great work!!! I love them!!!!
I follow your blog closely! Won't you follow ours too?