Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Treasure Hunting

A week ago today we were on a whirlwind trip to Carrollton Ga.  An old friend of mine who has been an antique dealer for about 30 years is getting ready to downsize and her unbelievable collection has to find new homes.  I only wish I would have remembered to take pictures. But we arrived after 2 pm, worked our way through things until midnight with a late dinner break and were on our way back to TN by 7:30 Wed. morning.  My camera never made it of the truck.  Unless you could see it, you would not believe the scope of her collections in her 2500 sq. ft basement.  To say that I blew my budget, filled our truck and still didn't make a dent in her "stuff" is an understatement.  And there was so much more I was inerested in!!!

Here are images of not only some of what we brought home but everything else that is waiting to be worked on or in process.

Part of our back porch the morning after our arrival back home and unloading the truck.

Starting to sort through all the fabric "stuff"...this pile needs stain removal work.

A bolt of beautiful fabric!  I figure somewhere between 15 - 20 yards.
Anyone interested in some fabric?

More sorting out of things

Bags still full...cutter quilts, barkcloth and lace...lots and lots of lace.  Enough lace that I will be selling some of it online.

Some of the quilts, barkcloth and floursack towels I now have clean.

Taking care of musty smell.  The clothesline is temporary...I am a dryer kind of woman. ;-)

Whats in the Barn

Some of the shelving and display racks that have been sanded and waiting for paint jobs.  That box is full of old wood legs.

This old bed was actually brought to us by a neighbor...we're not sure yet what we'll do with it, soit waits in the barn.

What's in the Garage

My trusty compressor because I spray prime what is necessary and spray paint everything else.  We spray out in the old garage for now but eventually will have a dedicated spray area in the barn.

More shelving waiting to dry

and more waiting to dry.  You might recognize the table from a previous post of some yard sale finds.  Already a wonderful improvement.

This is a display cabinet piece I just got at a yard sale and I have plans for this baby!  I'll show you more about it later.

What's on the Worktable

Painted, glazed and drying.

Almost done.

So there you have it.  What's been keeping me busy...besides all the computer stuff and trying to think about art projects too. LOL

Happy Tuesday my wonderfully artful friends!
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WOW...you have been a busy girl !!

kecia said...

oh my gosh, Gail - the fabrics, lace and barkcloth alone was worth the trip! i bet your eyes were big as saucers. and yes, next time, get that camera out! how far was the drive?

suepelletierlaughpaint said...

LOVE LOVE the finds! i really like your clothesline hanging with all your linens! keep the dryer but that is a great look too! xo

Flávio said...
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slommler said...

What great finds!! Love the material!! And your spray painted items are looking fab!!!

Melody said...

Holy Cremoly! Hey ya didn't bring home any vintage tablecloths did ya? They could have holes, stains, I could still use em. And, by the way with that view, the clothesline
my fav pic! Lets see more of that scenery for us Mountain deprived.

Karen and Stan McConnell said...

Oh Gail, what a hoard. Our annual October antiquing jaunt just may be back to your house this year! Fun, fun, fun.

gail said...

wow you sure hit the jack pot! it must be the name!! :-)

Jeanne Turner McBrayer said...

Love all the treasures you have found, and can only imagine how beautiful they will be when you work your magic!