Monday, August 9, 2010


You may have noticed some changes around here.

I've been contemplating for some time.
Then Blogger made changes too.
 And my thinking and the Blogger changes collided.

Like so many of us I wear a lot of different hats and have been wondering how to best address the different sides of me.  So I had the idea that I would start a new and separate blog from SCS.  In fact I did.  Two of them to be exact.   I wasted spent a lot of time working on the first one, which ended up annoying the heck out of me not quite what I was going for.  And with Blogger it's not easy to say oh, wait, I didn't mean that, because of the relationship between a deleted blog and your email address. 

So I started another blog, new name and new look.  And wasted spent more time on that one as well and was going about quite happy with the results.  Then I  realized I was being stupid came to my senses and a sudden halt.  What was I thinking!  I can not stretch myself any thinner and add another blog to my work load!

I decided I needed to back up and rethink this whole mess going on in my head.
So I did.
And decided that maybe what I was truly looking for was simply a change.  My blog will be four years old the end of this year.  And Blogger actually gave me the impetus with the changes they have made.  Because I made one little change using their new template designer and realized then that there was no going back...because "back" was no longer available in the way that I knew and could navigate with.

So after a marathon of blog changing, lots of reading about code, sometimes frustrating session this weekend,
I think I like it.

That dear blogger friends  is the short of a rather, very long, and convoluted story, as to why my blog is looking different now.  :-)

I hope you too like the changes and that you still think it is me!
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Anonymous said...

My thoughts on your new look????

..... I REALLY LIKE IT!!...

Have a Wonderful Day!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

I know exactly how you felt. I too need changes but don't really know what to do and am afraid to experiment to much. lol
I do like what you have done.


It's beautiful and I also love your space at The Corner sweet :)

Melody said...

Holy Cow Gail I miss a few days and look what you did!!! It looks great. I love the new banner and I think I see some things I've never noticed. And your last post..I didn't know you had a spot in an antique mall 8/ I wish I could just climb thru the screen and walk around.

Linda M. said...

Oh Gail, I do like your new look and it is YOU! The images you used to tell your story were great. Love your new banner. A lot of work but so worth your efforts.


Twocooltexans-glenda said...

Oh, I like the new look a lot. And the shop is amazing. You have done a beautiful job, always do.......

Hugs, g

Lisa said...

looks great Gail! I have to update my blog too..but there is no going back as you said.. so I haven't quite taken the plunge!


You new look marries your shop and art perfectly.


Bunty said...

I like it a lot Gail - very pretty, as always.

I find the new blogger template quite scary - I have had a try at changing it but it seems to mess up the positioning of all my gadgets so I haven't been brave enough to save it. Just how difficult it is to use this new template?



Lovey said...

Gail...I love it!!! Your blog is beautiful!!!