Wednesday, August 18, 2010

From the Worktable

I have this stool Mr Shabby made.  The lid is removeable for storage.
Nice.  Functional. We put it down at the Corner Nest. 
Yet everytime I walked into the space and looked at it
my "boooor-ING" antennae would wave like the feelers of a frantic insect.

So I brought it home, put it up on the worktable and started thinking. In fabric.
I grabbed a piece of fabric which happened to be a bit of dupioni silk I have. NOT going to happen in silk!   But at this point I was just looking for the idea of it. Out came the clips.  And I knew I found my answer.  But what kind of fabric did I want to use? 
 I had nothing on hand that struck my fancy.
Wait!  What a great excuse reason to go SHOPPING! :-)

I found this sweet fabric that to me said Shabby Cottage.
Funny "think" happened on the way to being a "stool skirt".

As I ironed the backside I realized I liked the back even better than the front!
I do that a lot.  Call me weird.  But to me it looked even more shabby-licious. 
Do you agree?  Soft and cottage and shabby looking, right?

Flirty and feminine.  Not boring now!

Still functional but now fabulous! 
 If I do say so myself. LOL

 In response to a digital challenge for Digital Whipser, a Ning group I belong to I thought I would share this digital ATC I created last night .  Absolutely not my typical shabby style  But it does prove Gail CAN think outside the box as she always encourages those at Mind Wide Open to do! :-) 

It was fun and it was relaxing.  Just what I needed.

Happy Wednesday everybody!

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LuLu Kellogg said...

Oh my....this is gorgeous! I wish I lived closer...I would snap it up in a heartbeat! Beautiful work Gail!



Bunty said...

What beautiful material Gail and so much shabbier inside out! What a brainwave!

Great digital atc by the way - something I have never tried.



suepelletierlaughpaint said...

hi gail ! ohhh i love this!!! so cute! the fabric is fab!

so wish your shop was closer to me!

Linda M. said...

The stool is marvelous. Love the idea, the fabric,and the look.

I can visualize the lady in the ATC sitting on the stool to tie her tap shoes and I can hear "Puttin On The Ritz" playing in the backgroud. :')

slommler said...

Love the stool! The fabric is the perfect solution!! And your ATC is fabulous!!

Diane said...

Really, really lovely! No more boring!