Monday, August 30, 2010

Loving this Class!

  I am taking a new online class called Of Towers and Turrets: An Exquisite Fusion of Mixed Media and Mixed Metals
taught by Sharon Tomlinson and Deryn Mentock and I'm having great fun!

This will be my first foray into any kind of metal jewelry making
and while I'm really not into making jewelry...I don't even wear it...
 I keep having these strong visions of mixing metal and fabric in journals and collages.  So I follow where my muse leads and we'll see what comes of it.  I love both Sharon and Deryn's work and it is a pleasure to be able to take a class from two such excellent artists.  And I don't even  have to spend money on airfare or  hotel!

Saturday I went shopping for a few supplies and Sunday I stayed buried in my studio. All in all a very satisfying weekend. Spent money and created art. Of course I am on a budget just like so many of you so while I enjoy spending money I also have to be financially creative...which by taking an online class I have already saved hundreds of dollars! 
When you take an online class study the supply list that a teacher usually puts up before the class begins. Just because an item is on a list doesn't always mean you can't substitute. Now, granted, some items you just have to have in order to achieve certain results. But if a class is process oriented rather than product oriented then quite often you can get creative and substitute.  If you're not the teacher and ask!  One thing about an online class is you do usually have time to think about these kind of things and ask the teacher questions.

For example: With supply list in hand I first studied my own bajillion supplies and then studied the shelves at the local Michael's and determined that to save some bucks I would use the paints I already have (part of that bajillion cache of supplies) rather than purchase the heavy bodied acrylics called for because those babies aren't cheap.  I realized  if I did this then I would need to find a way to achieve similar results rather than expect to do my background exactly like demonstrated.  And I did!  I was very happy with the way my backgrounds turned out.


Today I have to work on the next step. Yay!  This has been a fun class and there is more fun on the way!

Speaking of classes we have two new classes starting Sept. 27, 2010 over at Creative Workshops!

Let's Face It with Jodi Ohl. 
 “A creative discovery of ourselves using paint, collage, portraits, and journal writing as forms of expression”
 BTW Jodi has a piece published in the latest Somerset Studio magazine. 
Congratulations Jodi, way to go !!

You Can Learn Watercolor Pencil by Marilyn Harris Mills
Marilyn says
"You need no experience to learn this fun and transportable medium! A brush, some watercolour pencils and some watercolour paper and you are on your way to living a technicolour life!"

So stop by the store or click on the workshop titles for a link and check out the full descriptions of the new workshops and then take a class!  What are you waiting for?  I am having a blast in my new class!

Happy Monday my creative peeps!  I have a lot on my plate this week and hopefully I'll have some more pictures for you soon.

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Bunty said...

Love your backgrounds Gail - they are beautiful. Looking forward to seeing what you make! The class sounds great - glad you are having fun!



Lynn said...

Wow, sounds like a lot of fun for you and the results are beautiful already :) That shows you have talent for anything :)

I agree about online classes, sometimes you can improvise with what you have already or take the technique then make it your own with the products you have already.

I have always wanted to take a class with Sharon, I love her accent, and I love her Norah's :)

slommler said...

I love the idea of putting metals into the mix!! Sounds like a fun class!!! Enjoy and I love your background pieces. Beautiful!!
Hugging you

dogsmom said...

As you can tell I am working my way backwards through the posts. I can not tear myself away.
Would you mind if you are my new idol? My inspirational role model?
I can not promise to be the best student but I will be the most appreciative.
Thanks for sharing so much. I love the way you express yourself and that you are having FUN!