Friday, August 20, 2010

My Lace Runneth Over

If you were around this summer then you know Mr Shabby and I made a quick mad dash to Atlanta a while back because a retired antique dealer friend of mine was downsizing.

Well, I'm just now getting to the bag of lace.  And yes that is a large black garbage bag of lace.  In this picture I have emptied about half the bag to try and take inventory.  I got so overwhelmed I shoved it all back in the bag and put it in the hallway thinking...I'll deal with it later.

But later should be now so I guess this week I need to get serious.  What I'm thinking is get it all clean, and fresh smelling (lots of mothball smell here), and then maybe putting packets of it together.  Some I can sell at the Corner Nest space but I think a lot of it I will also try to sell online.  Maybe some through both stores or I was even thinking about setting up a page here and selling it right off  the blog.  I need to think about this I guess.  There are some beautiful laces in this bag and I know some people live where it is hard to find nice vintage lace.

I hope all of you have a super weekend planned!  I'll be taking photos of my workroom this weekend because a little birdy told me it will be a part of Cloth Paper Scissors winter edition of Studios. :-)

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lindaschiffer said...

If you have any tattered pieces of lace, hole-y, stained, etc. - I'd be interested in buying them (for a price, of course;). I like to use the bits in my journals.

:) Linda

Donna said...

Oh, I just love vintage lace! I would have fun creating with these lovlies! I am sure you will have no problem selling them :)

virginiasvignettes said...

Hi Gail!...oooohh I would be soooo be interested in buying from you some vintage lace,I live in an area that vintage fabrics are hard to come by....virginia...:)

ps~love your creations lately,very beautiful!

Dorthe said...

Oh my Gail,
what a lucky buy, so fantastic beautifull things, I can already see, I`m sure it will fly out your shop,when making one--I will be looking, too :)
Happy,goddt week-end, dear.

slommler said...

I too love lace. Looks like a grand collection you have there. Can't wait to see more of it!!


Nancy said...

Oh What Fun! I just LOVE Vintage Lace!! I think I would just die and go to heaven if I ever had a bag like that of Vintage Lace!

Kathy said...

Let me know if you list any, like Linda said, tattered, holy, still my heart. A black garbage bag full....OMG.

Kathy said...

*would love to see Linda's blog...but can get in :(

Linda M. said...


Yes, I would want some. I'll watch to see where you post the sale. I run in the wrong circles I think, I do not have any friends with bags of lace they are getting rid of. Oh, oh, I do, it's you! Thanks for sharing your bounty.

Hugs, Linda

Marilyn said...

Gail, I would definitely be interested in purchasing some of your lace. In my area lace is hard to come by ~ so many crafters and it gets scooped up quickly. How nice & generous of you to consider putting some of it up for sale on your blog. Please put my name on your 'list' of buyers. Enjoy your weekend! Marilyn

sistersoftheart said...

YES,YES,YES! Tattered & torn bits are just begging to be given a new home! Can't wait!! Patte

Bunty said...

Count me in for the lace purchase Gail! Your lace stash looks amazing. I collect vintage lace and it is hard to find beautiful vintage lace in the UK unless you are willing to pay ridiculous prices for it. A girl can never have enough!

Thanks for the heads up!

Congratulations on the CPS Studios feature - I will try and get it over here when it comes out.


karen said...

Hi Gail, thanks so much for your unput I really appreciate it. This is the first time I have seen your blog and it looks fantastic. As for the lace, well you are so lucky and if you put some up for sale online I will definitely be browsing!! Now I am off to click your followers button, Karen

kiwicarole said...

I just don't know how you manage to sleep at night with all that gorgeous lace holed up in a black plastic rubbish bag! LOL
Have fun :))

Minxy said...

Oh you lucky devil, if i had a haul like that i dont think i could part with it {here in the uk vintage lace seems to be as rare as rocking horse poo lol}