Tuesday, August 17, 2010

To Dye For

Earlier this year  I was talking on the phone with my sweet friend, and amazing artist, JoAnna Pirotti of Moss Hill Studio, when our topic turned to the dyeing of one's own fabric. 
It was a learning process I knew I was going to have dip my
toes into but I was nervous since it would be such a brand new thing for me.  JoAnna had just started dyeing herself so she gave me some good information and shared what she knew with me.
Yet I found myself hesitating.  You know how it is.  Another learning curve.
Then JoAnna wrote a tutorial on her blog and that sealed  the deal for me.
 I ordered my supplies and set up a work area on the back porch.

Supplies arrived in record time

I put on my old, grungy garden/painting/now dyeing shoes

pulled out my old, grungy faux finish/painting/now dyeing apron

plugged in the old microwave and made sure it still worked,
(yes you use the microwave!)

made sure I had JoAnna's instructions printed out and the few other supplies I needed

made sure I had my fabrics ripped and ready to dye.

I played with burlap (white burlap worked, regular burlap...fogedaboudit), muslin, scrim and some vintage lace.  A lot of work, but not difficult.  I found some colors I liked better than others and even played with mixing colors. 
Absolutely not my last time dyeing.

Now I want to share something else with you...

Isn't this a beautiful pillow?!

Here is a close up

The lovely ladies at R.U. Piper Designs have purchased some of my large format images for
some of the items in their Etsy store.  I am so honored because everything they create is gorgeous and I love the idea that something I created is part of the beauty they create.  You need to visit their Etsy store and check out all the beautiful items they create for the home.  I daresay you won't be disappointed. 

Happy Tuesday!
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The Charm House said...

The pillow is so beautiful!!! I use to dye fabrics all the time for my children... Their class always had the coolest shirts on field day. It was a pain working with the white powder (I think it was soda ashe???) before you even started dying, but the colors were so worth it in the end!
Have a blessed day Gail!

Theresa said...

Beautiful dye job Gail! Haven't gotten into that yet either, but your post sure is inspiring. The pillow is stunning! Will have to check out the shop.
Happy Tuesday!

Lori Katies Rose Cottage said...

Gail ~
Ohhhh girl I am off
to read the tutorial
on dying fabrics ~
I have wanted to
do that so bad ~

The pillows look
wonderful !


LuLu Kellogg said...

Those colors are sooooo yummy and I am glad it turned out so well!

That pillow....to die for!! I lurve it!


Ozma of Odds said...

...I love to dye pretty fabrics, it is soooo much fun... and your colors look amazing hanging on the clothes line!!
~ congrats on Ruper, I adore their ribbons and sense of style:)
xo, Rosemary

slommler said...

Loved the colors you came up with. I have yet to dye fabric but I have done handmade paper. That is fun too! The pillow is gorgeous!

Bunty said...

I loved reading this post about dyeing in the microwave! I only have my microwave that I use for cooking and don't have a spare. I presume it's not safe to use your microwave for dyeing if you cook in it?

What a shame - I would love to try it - the vintage colours you achieved are so soft and pretty. Thanks for sharing Gail.

Love the pillow too - it's a great use for your image.