Thursday, September 30, 2010

Free Image for You

From me to you.  A free tag image to use if you like it.  You can use it for anything you want except to add to a collage sheet or image CD you are selling.  Right click on the image and then save to your computer.

Happy Thursday my wonderful blogging friends!

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Chandelier and Lace

Some of you may have seen this earlier post about the black garbage bag full of lace and doilies and such that I purchased from a retiring antique dealer friend of mine.

For those of you who left comments and sent emails, interested in purchasing some of these goodies I wanted to let you know I haven't forgot.

We have finally managed, in between everything else going on around here, to at least get most of  them cleaned.

And I'm trying to figure out some kind of system in sorting them.

 These are ones I still have left to clean.

Then once I get that all processed through my brain, I will figure out the best way to package and price them.  So don't give up hope on me...I just don't seem as fast these days as I used to be.  :-)

This baby has been hanging in my basement and travelled around with us in several moves waiting to be transformed.  And finally, finally I have brought it to the light of day and Mr. Shabby has determined that it is all in working condition and just needs a face lift.

So out came some ideas I'm still processing.  Hopefully she will be done before to long.

Keep your eyes peeled for my announcement later in the week about our Annual Anniversary Sale and Giveaway coming soon to a computer near you!

Last I heard, it was Tuesday, so Happy Tuesday dear blogging friends, I hope yours is being wonderful for you!
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Thursday, September 23, 2010


I am a lover of things that hold a secret, a story, once loved and then discarded, in other words, things that are vintage.  I love them all the more for their showing of age...just like me.

Happy Thursday My Beautiful Blogging Friends!
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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Meeting the Challenge

I belong to a Ning digital group called Digital Whispers and there is a lot of fun going on over there all the time with different kind of challenges.  I don't always get to participate but so enjoy myself when I can.  Because this is work I do strictly for me and I only have to think about what pleases me.
DW also has a blog where a challenge is issued every week.  This is my first week of actually being able to join in one of the blog challenges.

This was our challenge image.
The image at the top of this post is my interpretation.

This was our challenge image for the weekly Sunday challenge.
Image courtesy of mizz-d stock at Deviant Art
We had to do a long and skinny 4"x8".
Here is my interpretation of this wonderful image I had to work with.

We have a Photoshop Elements group at Digital Whisper and this was a "tool" challenge, using the  provided background from which we had to create something with it using the dodge and burn tool which is a very fun tool.

This was something a bit different for me.  Our challenge was to take the image of this young lady

and create something a'la Teesha Moore.  I admit I know of Teesha Moore but am not all that familiar with her work. 

I certainly wouldn't insult Miss Teesha by saying this was anything like her work, but I do know she is usually colorful and so color was what I used for my interpretation.

So see, sometimes I DO get to play.  Just to play. :-)

Happy Wednesday Beautiful Bloggers!
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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Catching UP

There has been a lot going on here this past week that has kept me away from the blog.  But things are now calming down and resuming a sense of normalcy.  We had to rush my dad to the hospital early in the week after a mix of low oxygen level, high temperature and a sugar level to high for someone who has no diabetes.  But dad came home Thursday with a diagnosis of pneumonia on top of an incurable lung disease (which we knew about) and he is now most likely locked into wearing oxygen 24/7, which does not a happy poppa make.  I do want to say that the men and women who work as EMT's are heroes in my eyes.  Thank you!  Dad isn't tops but he is much better and for that we feel blessed and are very thankful.

And I have been working on a new online class!  And it's not digital! LOL  Come play with me!

Fabric and Lace
Composition Journal
Starts Oct. 18, 2010

This workshop is all about options and a blend of mixing process and project.
Keep the composition journal for yourself or present it as a fabulous gift to someone special!
Love fabric? Love lace? Now is the time to indulge that passion! Use up pieces and scraps you already have or use this class as an excuse to buy even more fabric or to take that trip to the flea market you've been putting off!

Modern and contemporary or vintage and's your choice.
Love jewel tones or muted aged's your choice.
Use the images I provide or your's your choice.

Print on fabric? I show you how but you don't have to...again...I give you choices.

Your journal will not be a replica of mine but truly your own as you weigh your options and make your choices throughout the workshop. I will give you things to think about as I discuss the thought processes and inspiration behind the creation of this journal. You will accompany me every step of the way as I travel from those thought processes to the finished journal.
If you have never created a journal like this before, or even never created anything before, I will hold your hand and take you through each and every step. I'd rather give you to much information than not enough. My video camera looks right down on my worktable, with just a couple exceptions where I have to move the camera. It will be like you are sitting in my chair with lots and lots of close up views.
Since the workshop is an ongoing class with no take down date, some of you might prefer to watch the videos before you decide on supplies since I stress options. You probably have most of the supplies already in your studio stash.

We are going to learn to print on fabric and some sewing is used in this workshop but they are truly options. If you don't sew, or prefer not to print on fabric I offer alternatives and everything, with the exception of the decorative stitching, can be accomplished with glue.

Come join me on a fun journey where we are going to rip, cut, stitch, burn, age, print and glue our way to the very end and create something beautiful and fabulous!

Class is $45.00

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Friday, September 10, 2010


Don't ever forget.
God Bless America
September 11, 2001

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Before and Afters from the Worktable

A few projects I've been working on.

A perfectly cute little kids chair, not a thing wrong with it.

But I wanted it fit for a princess.  A fairy princess.

Then there was this sad little vintage telephone table.

We weren't even sure if that was actual paint on the piece as it had some strange qualities.

Now it's no longer sad.

When I was finished with photos and came back outside to bring in the table here is what I found.

Never let a good spot go to waste!

Happy Wednesday my lovely bloggettes!
My siggy is acting wonky today but I still  can say

Sweet southern smoochies!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

A Little Kitty Love

A couple weeks ago this young, long legged cat appeared on our porch.  A starving cat.  So thin you could see the (for now) knobs on her backbone and the outline of her ribs.  I'm guessing she might be 6 months but I am only guessing.  We are animal lovers and neither Mr Shabby nor I won't not feed one who is starving.  But we knew that by feeding her she might not leave.  But it really was a no choice decision for us. 

She is so sweet and when she opens her mouth to meow her voice is so soft you can barely hear her.  I kept thinking, oh she will leave one day and not come back but she is still with us and so next came a name.  After a lot of thought she was dubbed Minny.  As in skinny minny. 

We've discussed Minny's living quarters for winter...nothing has satisfied Mr Shabby.  Now you have to understand Mr Shabby doesn't really like cats.  But he will take care of an animal and protect it from harm.  Five years ago we had two baby kittens show up in our barn.  We fed them, we named them Gracie and Scout and Scout got run over by a car.  I was so distraught worrying about Gracie. Mr Shabby said the only thing we could do was bring her in the house.  Mr. "I don't like cats" now became owned by a cat.

After our disucssions about what we could do to keep Minny safe and warm through the winter, today Mr Shabby said to me...I wonder how Gracie would react to Minny.  Bingo!  I now know that it is only a matter of time before Minny will be coming inside soon to become part of our family. :-)  First she will have to go  to the vet to see if she has any disease before exposing her to Gracie.

Here is how laid back Minny seems to be.  You have to think stop action pictures as you view these.  Because between each move she would stop as though she had to think about the next move she might make.

Minny was asleep in this pot on the porch and when I walked outsideI apparently disturbed her sleep.  But I dont' think to much.  Here she lifts her head and puts one paw out. 
Stop.  Think.

Oh, okay one paw down.  Stop.  Think.

Oh dear I guess I should put both paws on the floor.
Stop. Think.

Well where do I go from here?
Stop. Think.

Hmmm, a littel roll of the shoulder and I can slither!
Stop. Think.

Okay last two legs and then I'll be out.
Stop. Think.

Ahhh, life is good.  All that thinking wore me out...back to sleep.

(sorry about the blur, my camera started acting strange here)

So that's Minny!  Who I think Gracie the diva might have to end up learning to tolerate. ;-)

Happy Sunday blogging peeps.  I hope you're having a FANtastic day and if you're in the states, enjoying the long holiday!

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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

From the Worktable

I took some pictures of my worktable after I finished  the first part of the class I'm taking with Sharon Tomlinson and Deryn Mentock,  Of Towers & Turrets.  I think it is safe to say from what I've gathered of all the conversations going on over there that I'm not the only one having fun.

So we've used some fun colored card stock and scrounged around in our images

carved some primitive stamps...I say primitive in regards to me and MY skills...there are some talented stamp carvers over there!

dug through more images

played with some stencils I had

 made a deliciously fun mess on the paint table

spent lots of time auditioning elements and gluing the finalists

for the first finished piece (oh yes more are planned)
The large face was an image I actually over painted
as I was a tad hesitant about my very rusty face painting skills.

Some of my new metal tools for the next part of the class which starts Friday.  I hope I don't burn down this old shabby cottage! :-)

So it's mid week and I have bunches of projects in different stages.  Some are still in my head and just waiting for the time they can escape.  Back to work for me and wishing everyone a  Happy Wednesday!
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