Wednesday, September 1, 2010

From the Worktable

I took some pictures of my worktable after I finished  the first part of the class I'm taking with Sharon Tomlinson and Deryn Mentock,  Of Towers & Turrets.  I think it is safe to say from what I've gathered of all the conversations going on over there that I'm not the only one having fun.

So we've used some fun colored card stock and scrounged around in our images

carved some primitive stamps...I say primitive in regards to me and MY skills...there are some talented stamp carvers over there!

dug through more images

played with some stencils I had

 made a deliciously fun mess on the paint table

spent lots of time auditioning elements and gluing the finalists

for the first finished piece (oh yes more are planned)
The large face was an image I actually over painted
as I was a tad hesitant about my very rusty face painting skills.

Some of my new metal tools for the next part of the class which starts Friday.  I hope I don't burn down this old shabby cottage! :-)

So it's mid week and I have bunches of projects in different stages.  Some are still in my head and just waiting for the time they can escape.  Back to work for me and wishing everyone a  Happy Wednesday!
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Dorthe said...

Hi Gail, this looks so wonderfull,happy,love all the colors,and your painted face- a so sweet and beautifull village,-
and love all the tools you have gathered .....
Have a great evening, dear.

Shirley said...

Hi Gail, it is neat to see what you are learning in your class. Maybe if I ever get to retire from my day job, I will get to take some of the classes that I have always wanted to try. Thanks for sharing your experience. Have a great day.

slommler said...

Oh have you been having fun!!! I want to come and play too!! A torch huh? Cool!! Can't wait to see what you use that for!!
Enjoy dear one
PS I love love love your piece!!

Ati. said...

Like this mess on the table and the result too !

Anonymous said...

LOL, Gail! I see a mess! That always means fun! Taking online classes - inspiring, aren't they!
Enjoy your day,

In the Light of the Moon said... have been busy and I just love the new creation especiall the stacked houses!! I ahve to add, I am kinda work space looks like your...and its scaring me...eeeek.Big Hugs,Cat

Martha Lever said...

Oh, how adorable! I love Sharon and I think I am going to sign up right now!! I think you are right--lots of people are having fun! oxox

Lynn said...

I love to see other peoples mess, it's a good mess though isn't it. I may be making some today with my young nieces :)
I love your finished collage Gail, super fun!!!!

Lovey said...

Wow Gail, Oh what fun! Great supplies and loving the table full paints. Creativity abounds!! Love ya..Lovey

Anonymous said...

I am fascinated by other people's spaces and creativity. (Even have some on my Links I Love page.)
This winter is a perfect time for me to take a class. I am a no-nothing at digital images but I want so badly to play along. Any hints on how to start?

Charmingdesigns said...

Love your towers. Isn't this class fun.