Sunday, September 5, 2010

A Little Kitty Love

A couple weeks ago this young, long legged cat appeared on our porch.  A starving cat.  So thin you could see the (for now) knobs on her backbone and the outline of her ribs.  I'm guessing she might be 6 months but I am only guessing.  We are animal lovers and neither Mr Shabby nor I won't not feed one who is starving.  But we knew that by feeding her she might not leave.  But it really was a no choice decision for us. 

She is so sweet and when she opens her mouth to meow her voice is so soft you can barely hear her.  I kept thinking, oh she will leave one day and not come back but she is still with us and so next came a name.  After a lot of thought she was dubbed Minny.  As in skinny minny. 

We've discussed Minny's living quarters for winter...nothing has satisfied Mr Shabby.  Now you have to understand Mr Shabby doesn't really like cats.  But he will take care of an animal and protect it from harm.  Five years ago we had two baby kittens show up in our barn.  We fed them, we named them Gracie and Scout and Scout got run over by a car.  I was so distraught worrying about Gracie. Mr Shabby said the only thing we could do was bring her in the house.  Mr. "I don't like cats" now became owned by a cat.

After our disucssions about what we could do to keep Minny safe and warm through the winter, today Mr Shabby said to me...I wonder how Gracie would react to Minny.  Bingo!  I now know that it is only a matter of time before Minny will be coming inside soon to become part of our family. :-)  First she will have to go  to the vet to see if she has any disease before exposing her to Gracie.

Here is how laid back Minny seems to be.  You have to think stop action pictures as you view these.  Because between each move she would stop as though she had to think about the next move she might make.

Minny was asleep in this pot on the porch and when I walked outsideI apparently disturbed her sleep.  But I dont' think to much.  Here she lifts her head and puts one paw out. 
Stop.  Think.

Oh, okay one paw down.  Stop.  Think.

Oh dear I guess I should put both paws on the floor.
Stop. Think.

Well where do I go from here?
Stop. Think.

Hmmm, a littel roll of the shoulder and I can slither!
Stop. Think.

Okay last two legs and then I'll be out.
Stop. Think.

Ahhh, life is good.  All that thinking wore me out...back to sleep.

(sorry about the blur, my camera started acting strange here)

So that's Minny!  Who I think Gracie the diva might have to end up learning to tolerate. ;-)

Happy Sunday blogging peeps.  I hope you're having a FANtastic day and if you're in the states, enjoying the long holiday!

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Anonymous said...

Gail, I think you and Mr. Shabby have a new resident. She's precious. You sound like both of my daughters. Holly takes care of ferals that have become rather tamed. She and hubby built and outdoor "cat house" and they feed them regularly and have caught and taken them to the vet to be neutered. They've become rather friendly. One they raised by hand feeding inside from just a few days old. They have 4 inside and 3 outside...
I think Minnie is a lucky girl!
Hugs, Diane

Anonymous said...

Gail, I love your story.. and I LOVE The kitty..! she looks almost like Mine!
Mine is one yrs old. I never thought I would get a cat as I have always had cats growing up and early in my marriage. I have a dog but one and a half yrs ago, I had the emotional need for a kitty.. and I found an ad in the paper.. I love her so much, I think it is great that your hubby will take her in, after the vet visit then they will be able to play together!! so fun!

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

Ooh I'm such a softie when it comes to animals and children too!!!
I want to save them all and take care of them.
My hubby is not a cat lover either however they always worm their way into his heart - they just do!!
Take care Gail

The Feathered Nest said...

Oh Gail, how could you NOT love precious Minny?!! She's absolutely wonderful and even though there may be a little hissing at time they will be fast friends!!!! I have two sweet kitties and at first Chester acted as though we had betrayed him! Now he loves Thelma like a sister ~ hugs and love, Dawn

Lesley said...

Hi. She's absolutely beautiful. I used to have two cats who moved in the same way that she does. They would both be lying on a chair, and then, perfectly synchronised they would slowly slide off, pause with their front paws on the ground, slide a little more etc. It often took a few minutes for their whole bodies to vacate the chair. Visitors couldn't believe it. It was very strange, but there again, they were very strange cats

slommler said...

Minnie is beautiful and I think it is wonderful that you are caring for her. And that hubster is on board with her care as well!
Let us hope that the cats learn to tolerate and even like each other.

risa said...

She looks so sweet...and a perfect name! I love black cats....can't resist them. God bless you for taking this one in!

Linda M. said...


Minnie is a lucky kitty to have found you and Mr. Shabby. She is cute. I think we country folks will always have a stray to two come to stay. Have a wonderful day!

Kim said...

You're cracking me up!! I love how you captured her moving so slow! She should have been called straggler! ;-) Wish we could have more sweet pets to own us, and maybe in time we will. Especially if I can get the Mr. tied in like yours!!!

Lynn said...

Awwwwww Gail, looks like you have a new fur baby :) Thanks for sharing her actions in the flower planter with us, that is soooooo funny, she seemed a bit unsure there, but relaxed all the same. She obviously likes you and the Mr :)

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful photo story.
I do hope she checks out OK at the vet. We have always done rescuing and fostering. So much that we have screen doors on the bedrooms here. Cats can get to know each other without direct contact when we're not around to supervise.

Recently I was at a yard sale, buying litterboxes as I frequently do, and a woman approached me asking if I would take in 3 yard kittens. I politely said I could not at this time. Well, she went home, got them, found me at another sale.
After seeeing their wonderful adorable faces (posted on my Boss post) I could not say no.
Luckily the dad in this house is even a bigger softee than I.

I also took in a few giant size dogs from CL which is how I got my farm.

Lorraine @ creativedaily said...

I'm an animal lover myself. Am SO pleased to see this one has a new home!!!! Looks happy to me...

Jeanne said...

Your Minnie is adorable. She looks just like our Bootsy who was an abandoned new born kitten that we took in. I think Mr. Shabby is weakening. How can he resist?