Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Meeting the Challenge

I belong to a Ning digital group called Digital Whispers and there is a lot of fun going on over there all the time with different kind of challenges.  I don't always get to participate but so enjoy myself when I can.  Because this is work I do strictly for me and I only have to think about what pleases me.
DW also has a blog where a challenge is issued every week.  This is my first week of actually being able to join in one of the blog challenges.

This was our challenge image.
The image at the top of this post is my interpretation.

This was our challenge image for the weekly Sunday challenge.
Image courtesy of mizz-d stock at Deviant Art
We had to do a long and skinny 4"x8".
Here is my interpretation of this wonderful image I had to work with.

We have a Photoshop Elements group at Digital Whisper and this was a "tool" challenge, using the  provided background from which we had to create something with it using the dodge and burn tool which is a very fun tool.

This was something a bit different for me.  Our challenge was to take the image of this young lady

and create something a'la Teesha Moore.  I admit I know of Teesha Moore but am not all that familiar with her work. 

I certainly wouldn't insult Miss Teesha by saying this was anything like her work, but I do know she is usually colorful and so color was what I used for my interpretation.

So see, sometimes I DO get to play.  Just to play. :-)

Happy Wednesday Beautiful Bloggers!
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Linda M. said...

Hi Gail,

Love all the images, so glad you are getting to play and enjoying it too. I like all of them but I especially like the dodge and burn piece. I also like how you got the wings to slide through the bars of the gate. Happy creating!

TwoHeartsPath said...

These are Wonderful.....The colors are so Rich and Inspiring....Love Love Love Them ALL.....So glad you had a chance to Play!!!!

bluegiraffe said...

Hi, Gail! Thank you so much for the nice comment you left on my blog about the "Pond" collage. It was your online class on Creative Workshops that helped unlock the mystery of Photoshop Elements for me! So...I'm forever grateful.
PS: Your "Pond" piece is absolutely beautiful- it has so much depth.

Anonymous said...

Gail!!!! Wow! I love mysterious! Great seeing all your work together. You have truly grown. Provo!

Love it when you have time to play!

slommler said...

Fabulous!! Love the textures and colors!!

Terri said...

Great Fun Gail! Love what you did in your play time!

Bevie said...

Gail I love what you've do for each of these prompts..Especially the gorgeous lady in the long gown!! I need to learn!!! (((hugs)))

Lori Saul said...

Wow- you have been busy ! These are all wonderfully expressed and each so different. Love your work!

Faye said...

Such gorgeous digital work, Gail.

Lynn said...

Super duper digital designs, but I think you can do anything anyway :)
You I believe were the first digital artist to really inspire me when I entered into the mixed media type blogging world, and now I have grown to love PSE and I am enjoying it so much. Thanks Gail :)