Sunday, October 10, 2010

Creative Fun

I love old windows.  They are so versatile.  I've painted on them, I've made them into blackboards.  I've created doors and tables with them, added shelves to them  and as you see in the picture I've even hung two as art on my bedroom wall....ok, ok, they are old cabinet doors but you get the idea. ;-)

This is a window I finished this week and took to Shabby Cottage at the Corner Nest.
It got painted, distressed and glazed.

Adding a piece of vintage crochet lace on the back, a couple shabby coat hooks and two old table legs, not only added cottage charm, but functionality as well. 

Yesterday was a quiet day and I was able to get to my worktable and create some fun with a revamp of a tired, worn out paper mache box that had seen better days.  Sorry I didn't think to take a before picture, but trust me, it was sad.

I covered the sides with  decorative paper I digitally designed. (I will be adding this one to the store.)
I painted the lid rim.

Months ago I created some fabric paper and thought it worked wonderfully for the lid.
I added some vintage lace...

burlap, a vintage image, some bling and some rust...

and called it done.
I think I will take it to the Corner Nest space.

Our Dalmation, Cleo, is a Daddy's girl.  If she can't find her dad when one of them has been outside and comes back in, she will run to every room of the house until she finds him. 
I'm so glad we bought a chair and a half so many years ago because that is "their" chair.
Awake or asleep.

  I hope everyone has been having as beautiful fall weather this weekend as we have!
Toodleloo from the mountains!
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Lululiz said...

Awww, just look at that gorgeous girl, fast asleep with her daddy. Our two dogs are just the same, the love snuggling up to us on the settee. We often end up with 1/16th of the settee, lol, they are big dogs ( Rhodesian Ridgebacks )

I love your window makeover, how clever to use those table legs. And that heart shaped box turned out beautifully. I really like the colours you have used.

littlethings1 said...

The windows are adorable ! I have always been drawn to them , I have a stack in my garage !!

Sherry said...

Beautiful!!! Your art work...and the darling duo!!! :)

Kathy said...

Love the windows, love the sweet box, and I really love the photo of the duo....god bless them still my heart.

slommler said...

Love the heart box and the window! Beautiful!
What a precious pic of the two of them sleeping!

cottonfieldfarm said...

The heart box is so creative and so are the windows. Thanks for dem "dog days" too.

Stephanie said...

Love the windows Gail!!!! You do such beautiful work!!!!! xoxoxox

Lovey said...

Gail this is beautiful! and the Duo..perfect!!

Dorthe said...

Dear Gail,
what a beautifull heart box,-your colors, and papers,looks so gorgeus, wit the burlap, and vintage image-
--I would love to be a part in your new workshop, but for now untill january, I have so many things to do,for the shop I have here on the ground-near my home- so no time to enjoy workshops.
Gail, love the photo of your two loved ones.
Hugs, Dorthe