Monday, October 11, 2010

I'm an Idiot!!

Oh. My. Gosh.  You guys!  I totally forgot to draw a winner for the free class!  Sheesh!  The past two weeks have just been crazy and stressful.  Crazy with sale stuff and then we almost had a HUGE...I mean GINORMOUS server catastrophe for Creative Workshops and that has had us scrambling for higher ground.  We even had to cancel our mini vacation until we could get things figured out.  To make a long story short... our server who shall not remain anonymous, they are called Apollo Hosting and STAY AWAY from them, they lie....told us we had unlimited space when we signed up with them. 

Right before we were to leave on vacay they emailed us to say we were in violation of their space terms (wth?!) and our site would be taken down in 3 days if we did not get in compliance.  Peeps that is over 2 dozen classes getting ready to fall down around my ears.  I can't tell you how sick I was.  BUT!  We have found a new server, and have been scrambling for two weeks to keep everything safe on the old server while trying to get everything safe in the new home and finally, finally we are there.  This was one of those situations that while it was awful and terribly stress inducing, still could have been worse...they could have sent the email while we were out of town and we could have come back to no classes! 

And while this is is no excuse for forgetting to draw a winner for the Free Class it is my story and I'm sticking to it. :-)  Soooo, while I am late I am here and the random number generator chose Sharon Chapman as the lucky winner of my new class!  Congratulations Sharon!!!  I'll be emailing you!

I'm taking the day tomorrow to spend with my mom and doing some shopping over in Kingsport, about  an hour and a half away from here. Now that the situation has been resolved I need a day away from computers! :-)

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Sharon said...

Gail thanks so much. I am so excited to take this class. After the week I have had this is a wonderful treat. Thanks again,Sharon

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

Oh Gail how stressful you deserve a wonderful laid back holiday after that lot. Computers I love and loathe them - seems there's always something can go wrong.
When you get a mo please come and see the card I've made for my granddaughter!!

slommler said...

Oh my!! How completely insane it must have been! So glad it has all worked out.
Enjoy the visit with your mom!
And congrats to Sharon!

Pat Winter said...

Congrats Sharon!!!! You will love the class and I am so happy you won!!! Thanks for offering such a grand prize and, you are not an idiot Gail, I too forgot to announce a winner from Oct. 1st. to do that now.

Linda M. said...


Have a fantastic day off! I was stressed just reading about it, lol. So glad you were able to rescue everything. Congratulations to Sharon on winning the class! (rats, I wanted to win it.) Here's to a great week with less stress for everyone.

Lori Katies Rose Cottage said...

Ohhhh Gail ~
That sounds like a great reason to me !!
I would be freaked out !
Congrats to Sharon !


Lisa said...

we've been having similar issues on the homefront...glad you were able to get it all resolved!
Congrats to Sharon and your blog is looking mighty fine Gail!

Lynn said...

Gail, you are not an idiot, just too much on your mind lately, computer problems especially can be very stressful and your dad being in hospital too, so give yourself a break girl :)
Congratulations to Sharon, she is one lucky girl, and enjoy your day out.

Love your last post with the windows too :)

Karen- The Graphics Fairy said...

Oh you poor thing, what a nightmare that must have been for you!! I'm so glad you were able to get it all worked out with the new server.
Your workshop looks fabulous!!

I know I'm a bit late getting over here, but I wanted to say thank you for your tips on the freezer paper. You were so sweet to take the time to explain it to me, I really do appreciate it!