Monday, October 18, 2010

New Workshop Starts Today

Fabric and Lace Composition Journal Workshop
 Working with fabric is a blast!  And I make it easy for you.
I think I counted 180 minutes of video and lots and lots of close ups.  It will be like you are sitting right at my worktable with me!  So come on, join me in the workroom for some good creative fun!

Remember at Creative Workshops our classes are all video, all 24/7 so you can fit a class into your schedule and even work in your jammies after the kids or lovely spouse are in bed if you prefer.

Happy Happy Monday my Lovelies!

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Martha Lever said...

Hi Gail!,
This looks like a fun class and it really was good to put a face with the email! As for the Dr. Martin's Concentrated watercolors, I do have some of the Dr. Martin's Bombay inks and I like them also--a lot. I think that basically they would do the same thing but i think that the watercolors are probably more transparent and brighter. I like them both though.

slommler said...

The class sounds awesome. But I really can't do a class until after the 1st of the year...I have four shows coming up! Yikes!
Oh and I got my lace...thank you. It is fabulous!

She Uses Her Words said...

I'm taking the class and it's so fun! Gail makes everything clear and the video is great. It's like being in the same room with her. Thanks Gail for putting this together!

Chris said...

Like Karen I too am taking this class and I just love it. I can't wait to get started.

Your journals are absolutely gorgeous, Gail and I just hope mine will be too. :o)