Monday, November 29, 2010

Studio Pictures

Do you remember radio broadcaster Paul Harvey?  Sadly he passed away in 2009.  But I always enjoyed his broadcasts and especially his The Rest of the Story segments. Well, I promised you more studio pictures and so here is the
"Rest of my Studio"  Remember if you want a closer look right click on a picture.  Then most of you should also be able to hover over that image and get a magnifying glass icon to see it even one more step closer.

From command central the computer room we can sneak a peek into the studio through the screen door. And I don't have far to go from workroom to computer and back. 

My shabby screen door serves two purposes.  It saves room without a big wood door standing open inside the room that I didn't like to shut because of claustrophobia.   1 Screen door = 2 problems alleviated. So let's go on inside!

Once through the screen door, immediately to our right is my wonderful 9 foot looong work table.  I removed the chair to get a better shot.  I have two rolling tall carts of drawers beneath the table to the right of where I usually sit.

I have wonderful light in this room.  Sometimes to much!  I often have to leave the Roman shades down to cut the sun glare on my worktable, and taking pictures can be tough.  Plus I have 4 sets of 2 flourescent lights hanging from the ceiling in strategic spots.  The picture below is with the light off and shades open (see my glare problem), while the one below that is with the light on and shades pulled.

I am standing across the room looking back at the screen door wall to take this picture. I laid a quilters 2 sided ironing/cutting board on top of the small chest of drawers and it saves me having to find room to set up an irong I can just swivel in my chair to iron.  I use this little spot all the time for pressing fabrics for projects.

The drawers of the chest hold my laces and such, so I have quick access to them when working on a project.  I really like things convenient when I am in the throes of creating.

Which is why I set up this corner to house tools, mediums and embellishments I use the most.

Don't we all love our bling?

Another angle.

This is the opposite end of the table.  (where I was standing to take the picture of the screen door wall above).  Once a closet, we removed the doors, added shelving plus another worktable to give me wonderful L shape.

Inside the closet left...
 and right.  The shelves of fabric were once a really tall single shelving unit that Mr Shabby built for me last year.  We simply cut it in half and it fit perfeclty on the side walls of the closet.
 No that is not a computer screen but a tv/dvd player . ;-)

Immediately to the left outside of the closet Mr Shabby built me a freestanding paint table area and I love it as I can keep the wet messy stuff away from the other work areas. 
Well, most time anyway. :-)  And as you can see everything is close and handy between all 3 work areas!

Drawers...gotta love 'em!!!

Orienting the paint table the way we did created a small faux wall and I saw a tiny room within a room, happening here.  The fabric on the side of my paint table is one of my vintage window valances I had left over...I've had them waiting for years to be used and the colors were perfect here!  Which proves my belief that as long as you buy what you love you will always find a place for it. 

I placed two storage cabinets out from the other door that leads to a hall to create a second wall and moved two dressers within that little space.  This is where I store a lot of the "other stuff" that I don't need to have handy all the time.

I have a different, bigger dresser in mind for this "faux" room next year as soon as it is stopped being used elsewhere. Then I plan to label all the drawers so I know where things are since they are hidden.

Where these two dressers meet left me a hole in the corner that is perfect for anything tall that needs rolled.  I placed a basket and a box on the floor back there to hold the rolled items.

So that's pretty much the room.  It's about 12' x 9'.  I'm lucky that I have 10' ceilings because that allows me to "go up" on the walls, when I can't "go out" on the floor.

So my lovely, lovely blogging friends that is the "rest of the story".
I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday and enjoyed good times, good food and good fun with friends and family.  We worked our space to get ready for the Dec. 4th open house at the Corner Nest (yes they are open 365 days so we were there Thursday).  But my sweet hubby took me out to dinner Thanksgiving night and since I'm not a big turkery eater my steak dinner and Margarita were sublime. :-)

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My Little Studio

Cloth Paper Scissors said they wanted their Winter 2010 issue to be about small spaces.  And mine certainly fits that bill.  So I'm proud to say they included it in their latest issue!

They only put a couple pictures in for these vignettes so I promise to post the whole room later. If you might wonder where I am, I just spent the weekend out of town and now I'm trying to get things ready for a large open house that is held at the Corner Nest on Dec. 4th.  So I'm actually in my little studio working, working working!

Okay...this picture of me?  Mr Shabby took it and I can't tell you how many he took and of course I didn't like any of them.  Finally he told me the reason I didn't like them is that when a camera is pointed at me I get this really cheesy smile that makes me look goofy.  So he told me to just give him a little smile.  It's kind of like my studio.  Tiny. 

I hope you like this little preview.  I'll put up more pictures after the holiday.

I'm wishing each and every one of you who celebrate Thanksgiving, the best you've ever had.  And what is o0en thing am I grateful for this year?
Why you of course!
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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Yay We're Moved!

So yesterday I told you my little story about our move. Well after a lot of hard work yesterday and today it is DONE! (for now lol)  Again here is the before picture. 

And these are the after.  Don't forget, you can click on the pictures
 to see them even larger and closer.
I'm  loving the new space! Now I have to go find more STUFF to fill it!
It's looking a little sparse to me right now. But never fear...your intrepid shopper is here! LOL

Just look at that glorius light!

I love the glass topped door! 

And I have electrical outlets!  I love lamps...they warm up a space nicely!

That wall!  A glorious 6 foot long wall! 
The picket fence will be a fun place to display hanging items.  We've already got a couple more fun furniture pieces being prepped for painting.

I'm tired my lovelies.  I hope you like the first pass at the space.

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Monday, November 15, 2010

A Little Story


We were at the Corner Nest Friday, as we usually are, bringing in inventory, moving things around and  "fluffing" in general.  We do a lot of the moving of things.  When you have a small space you have no choice because as you sell big or small pieces, holes develop and they must be filled so that everything stays nice looking. 

When we arrived I noticed one of our neighbors had moved out since we were there last week.
Mr Shabby saw my eyes roam over this space (the white part of the floor) and he immediately said "Don't even think about it".
mean ol Mr Shabby

To make a very long story short, the owner of the Nest, Robin, was upstairs to help me with an electrical issue and asked if I knew anyone who wanted to rent a space telling me how extremely reasonable rent was.  But Mr Shabby said "don't even think about it".
mean ol Mr Shabby

So I went back to work "fluffing".  Remember this chandelier I posted a while back that I was trying to decide what to do to it?

Well I figured it out, and as a lot of projects, it changed quite a bit from my first thoughts to it's final creation.

As I finished up I turned around to look for Mr Shabby.  Oh.  There he was.  Standing in the middle of the empty space across the hall looking contemplative.  I asked "what are you thinking about?"  He said,
You know, that is a reasonable price for getting more space and I'm tired of moving furniture around every week to make room for something.  It wouldn't take much to move everything, even the tent, across the hall"

So today we are going to the Corner Nest to move Shabby Cottage across the hall into a larger space.  And LOOK! I have a real wall!!!  And look at those gorgeous windows!  The light is amazing!
Such a sweet man that Mr Shabby, don'tchathink? :-)♥♥♥

Happy Monday my lovelies!  May the week be an easy one for you!
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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Another Week of Creating

I want to tell you something before I share my pictures.  Your comments mean the world to me.  When you work at home all day, every day, alone with no interaction with co-workers, no arty friends who understand, those comments reach deep into my soul and soothe me.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

As we've slowly been getting my new computer up and running I've had some more time at the worktable while waiting for "computer stuff" to get done by Mr. Shabby.  Here's what I came up with this week

My friend Jen from The Shabby Paris Market (go check out her site) got me all motivated a couple weeks ago.  I had heard many times about doing transfers with CitraSolv and wanted to give it a try,  but when I couldn't find it locally I kept putting off ordering the stuff online.  And then of course it fell off the end of my brain into oblivion.  But one day recently, while perusing Facebook, I saw an item Jen had done using the transfer technique and it reminded me again that I wanted to try it, and Bingo, I went right then and ordered the CitraSolv.  I love this technique!  So simple and fun!  I don't like the too strong orange smell of the cleaner but I've been doing it in front of an open window to help clear out the overpowering smell of orange.  They also sell it in lavender.  I love that smell and I'm wondering if it would be any better than the orange.  Nah...proably just as overpowering.

Here is a simple canvas tote I altered with some vintage lace and and then used the transfer technique on some fabric ticking, added some buttons, some striped ribbon to the handle and I think it turned out
tres cute.

This wall shelf was an ugly brown grey that I transformed with some cream paint and glaze. Then for added interest, and because I love this ticking so much, I used it along with the CitraSolv transfer technique and voila! Not so ugly anymore.

I was so enamored of the technique used on the bottles in my last post I decided to try it on something else. 

This was a plain white small wooden bowl/box with a lid that needed something something.

If you've been to either of my stores you know I sell large single format images as digital downloads.  I had a couple frames that were brown ugly plastic, the kind you find at yard sales for maybe 50 cents because they're so ugly no one wants them. one but people like me that is...and you...and you all know who you are.

But a little paint goes a long way toward making the ugly acceptable.
 I printed my Grunged Pink Rose on paper and put it in the frame above.

And for this frame I printed my Paris Postcard
So for not a lot of money look how easy it is
  go from ugly duckling to  swan. :-)

I hope you liked my show and tell.  There is a big open house weekend at the Corner Nest Dec. 4 & 5 and so these goodies will make their way down to my space.  I have to get there also to get a little (and I do mean little) Holiday decorating done for the event.  This is my first year there and apparently they put on a big food spread, have lots of door prizes and sales.  Hoo Haa I think I must needs go shopping that weekend.

Later my lovlies, I hope every single one of you have a wonderful weekend planned!

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Saturday, November 6, 2010

I'm Back! With Bottles!

Okay comptuer problem is fixed and the new computer almost ready. Yay!
Being computer limited actually was a blessing in disguise this past week.  It forced me into the studio to distance myself  from my computer frustrations.  And a flurry of creation took place!

Some of you know I love bottles and that I've been decorating and selling them for quite some time. And I love a good bottle class.When my friend JoAnna of Mosshill Studios offered her soldered bottle class in the Spring of 2009 I was there front and center and I posted some of my soldered bottle creation here on the blog.

A couple years ago I saw Zinnia's bottles in a mutual Ning group and was taken with her bottles and her beautiful color palettes and textures.  You know I am a layers and texture kind of girl!  So when in all my surfing I somehow ran across information leading to a Ning site called Roses on My Table a few weeks ago I had to investigate (you know I love flowers too).  I was thrilled to see it belonged to Zinnia and she was teaching her Mixed Media Bottle online!  Oh joy joy!  I signed up on the spot.

But until this week I hadn't allowed myself any creating time.  As I said, blessing in disguise.  Zinnia's class is wonderful!  Her videos are clear and plentiful and her voice is sweet.  Her generous teaching style is right up my alley as she gives you plenty of information and shows you step by step exactly how to do everything and then some.  Zinnia offers quite a bit on her site, she has classes, she has swaps, even for youngsters, and her Information Library (R.A.I.L.) consists of brand new monthly videos and resource updates and absolutely worth the reasonable fee for a year long of videos and techniques. 
Tell her I sent you. ;-)  She's a sweetheart!

Here are some close ups of the bottles (above) I created this week.

The next three bottle are only 3 inches tall.

I had a BLAST!

Happy Saturday my lovlies...can you believe it was snowing here just a bit ago.  Unusually early, even for us here in the mountains.

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