Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I'm Down, But Not Out

My computer gets hard use.  I mean HARD.  There are days when I sit here (sad to admit I have no life)12 to 14 hours working it.  So it's really no wonder things go wrong.  If anyone was around at the time, Mr Shabby built me a new computer 2 years ago. And, well, it's that time again. And while the new computer is waiting for one last new part the old computer decided to fall apart yesterday.  I am very limited right now as to what I can do with my computer.  So I will be back my lovlies.  As soon as I can with either a fixed computer or a new computer...whichever comes first.
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Linda M. said...

Oh Gail,

I'm sorry to hear you are having problems with the computer. I know for someone like yourself it's really hard to be computer DOWN! Lucky you to have a Mr. Shabby computer builder. Now wait, doesn't he do woodworking too? Tell me cooks. Hope to see you back soon.

LuLu Kellogg said...

I just had to get another new one because the Sheltie knocked mine over and the screen fragmented into a bazillion pieces. I hope you get your new one up and running soon!


slommler said...

I just hate when that happens!! And congrats on your new computer. What a blessing to have someone close by to work on it for you. That is super!!

Lorraine @ creativedaily said...

I hate computer woes! Well, you can always design for the next project.....

Lynn said...

Yes, I do remember when your computer was built, I am sorry you had to wear it out again. No, but really it's hard when we are so dependent on these things isn't it?
I too need a new computer, I use my lap top constantly and it was refurbished when I got it 8 years ago, it's been good to me though :) I am also out of space, must be all the large graphic files I have huh?

Attic Rat said...

I am always afraid that learning something new will fry my brain. It hasn't happened yet, but it's been close!

- Teresa