Monday, November 29, 2010

Studio Pictures

Do you remember radio broadcaster Paul Harvey?  Sadly he passed away in 2009.  But I always enjoyed his broadcasts and especially his The Rest of the Story segments. Well, I promised you more studio pictures and so here is the
"Rest of my Studio"  Remember if you want a closer look right click on a picture.  Then most of you should also be able to hover over that image and get a magnifying glass icon to see it even one more step closer.

From command central the computer room we can sneak a peek into the studio through the screen door. And I don't have far to go from workroom to computer and back. 

My shabby screen door serves two purposes.  It saves room without a big wood door standing open inside the room that I didn't like to shut because of claustrophobia.   1 Screen door = 2 problems alleviated. So let's go on inside!

Once through the screen door, immediately to our right is my wonderful 9 foot looong work table.  I removed the chair to get a better shot.  I have two rolling tall carts of drawers beneath the table to the right of where I usually sit.

I have wonderful light in this room.  Sometimes to much!  I often have to leave the Roman shades down to cut the sun glare on my worktable, and taking pictures can be tough.  Plus I have 4 sets of 2 flourescent lights hanging from the ceiling in strategic spots.  The picture below is with the light off and shades open (see my glare problem), while the one below that is with the light on and shades pulled.

I am standing across the room looking back at the screen door wall to take this picture. I laid a quilters 2 sided ironing/cutting board on top of the small chest of drawers and it saves me having to find room to set up an irong I can just swivel in my chair to iron.  I use this little spot all the time for pressing fabrics for projects.

The drawers of the chest hold my laces and such, so I have quick access to them when working on a project.  I really like things convenient when I am in the throes of creating.

Which is why I set up this corner to house tools, mediums and embellishments I use the most.

Don't we all love our bling?

Another angle.

This is the opposite end of the table.  (where I was standing to take the picture of the screen door wall above).  Once a closet, we removed the doors, added shelving plus another worktable to give me wonderful L shape.

Inside the closet left...
 and right.  The shelves of fabric were once a really tall single shelving unit that Mr Shabby built for me last year.  We simply cut it in half and it fit perfeclty on the side walls of the closet.
 No that is not a computer screen but a tv/dvd player . ;-)

Immediately to the left outside of the closet Mr Shabby built me a freestanding paint table area and I love it as I can keep the wet messy stuff away from the other work areas. 
Well, most time anyway. :-)  And as you can see everything is close and handy between all 3 work areas!

Drawers...gotta love 'em!!!

Orienting the paint table the way we did created a small faux wall and I saw a tiny room within a room, happening here.  The fabric on the side of my paint table is one of my vintage window valances I had left over...I've had them waiting for years to be used and the colors were perfect here!  Which proves my belief that as long as you buy what you love you will always find a place for it. 

I placed two storage cabinets out from the other door that leads to a hall to create a second wall and moved two dressers within that little space.  This is where I store a lot of the "other stuff" that I don't need to have handy all the time.

I have a different, bigger dresser in mind for this "faux" room next year as soon as it is stopped being used elsewhere. Then I plan to label all the drawers so I know where things are since they are hidden.

Where these two dressers meet left me a hole in the corner that is perfect for anything tall that needs rolled.  I placed a basket and a box on the floor back there to hold the rolled items.

So that's pretty much the room.  It's about 12' x 9'.  I'm lucky that I have 10' ceilings because that allows me to "go up" on the walls, when I can't "go out" on the floor.

So my lovely, lovely blogging friends that is the "rest of the story".
I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday and enjoyed good times, good food and good fun with friends and family.  We worked our space to get ready for the Dec. 4th open house at the Corner Nest (yes they are open 365 days so we were there Thursday).  But my sweet hubby took me out to dinner Thanksgiving night and since I'm not a big turkery eater my steak dinner and Margarita were sublime. :-)

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Lorraine @ creativedaily said...

What a lovely inspiring space! The light does look incredible! Lovely Gail.

Chris said...

Oh boy! If I had a studio anything like this I would never want to leave it. Do you think Mr Shabby would come over to the UK and build me some shelves? :)

Chris x

Leslie said...

Oh... my... goodness... what a fabulous room. I could spend hours, no - days, poking thru the drawers, unfolding the fabrics, unscrewing the paint jars to see exactly what they looked like. I LOVE visiting other artist's studios, so this was a wonderful post. Thank you! Lots of inspiration her for me to re-do my (much smaller) room.

LuLu Kellogg said...

Your studio is heaven! I could stay in there and play all day. You need to submit your space to Where Women Create (if you haven't already)!


The Painting Queen said...

Thanks for sharing this wonderful space with us! It is very cozy and well thought out!

Pallas said...

I love your studio! Some of my favorite parts are the screen door - what a great idea that was, the amount of space you were able to get from the closet, and of course I wanted to go through those drawers of lace, and then there is the bling, and ........

Thanks for sharing all the pictures. They surely give me inspiration.

Leone said...

Thank you for sharing your very creative space, it is really lovely. I have a VERY small space and you have given me some ideas for how make it more useful.

Creative Grammie said...

You have an adorable studio! I'm so in love with your studio; such an inspiring and creative space. Thank you so much for sharing.

slommler said...

Love your studio. The light is awesome and the colors are perfect! Just a wonderful space!!!
And steak and margarita sound perfect for a Thanksgiving feast!!

Linda M. said...

Gail, What a wonderful space.

suziqu's thread works said...

Hi Gail Well I know that someone around you adores you helping to create such an attractive studio - so light and compact. You won't ever want to come out. The only thing missing is your bed. Do you think Mr. Shabby could have it suspended from the ceiling? It would be adorable set in my garden!
Aren't we lucky to have such lovely spaces to create in?
Cheers, Suzy

Cindy Adkins said...

Hi Gail,
Okay--here's the deal--I think I'll be coming up to move next door! lol It all looks fabulous!!! I LOVE it!!!

You should see my dining room right now--everything from my crafts is all over because I'm smack in the middle of a project! But, I'm going to take pics today and then put everything away...that will feel like a lot accomplished!

I was nervous about posting my Christmas pics because everyone is into "White" for Christmas that loves cottage-style decorating, but hey, I'm in New Orleans and that's definitely the look for here...(When in

I loved seeing everything...I'll let you know when I get my stuff posted--hugs from me,

cottonfieldfarm said...

Gracious, Gail, what a beautiful and productive room! I will have to show that to Mr. soon as I quit drooling... Thanks for sharing and letting us know that one can be organized!
God bless.

Val said...

Wow Gail - what an amazing studio. When can I come over and watch you play ..........?

"MOI" Freubel said...

It's a feast to see your incredible workplace too Gail !
Yesterday I saw also Terri Kahrs from Pringlehill.
It surprised me how many things you use to create your Art.
I'm only working digitaly and my shelfs are only filled with old books-magazines-postcards etc.etc. to scan.

Thanks for sharing photo's of your private and cozy room !

Kind greetings. Rian D.
(from the digital whisper to. LOL)

Jemjoop said...

Oh another peek inside the Inner Sanctum. Love the screen door. Very soothing colors and gorgeous displays of supplies. Glass jars make everything look better, I love them too. No wonder you make such pretties, your work room is inspirational. Jen

Lovey said...

WOWIE!!! I love you studio Gail! I love that Mr. Shabby is so crafty too! Love everything about your space!!! Everything!