Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Day!

So what do you do when you are dealing with a blizzard outside?
Here's what I've been up to.
(ooops, Dorthe I should have said finished up, so sorry to be misleading)

I found a tutorial at the blog called Living with Lindsay I wanted to try my hand at.

I call it my Literary Wreath

I had an old book cover sitting around and this image I had a hankering to play with

So I came up with this collage.

I watched Gracie watch the birds.  We were both entertained.

And I discovered these new visitors to our feeders. 

we think they are called Eastern Towhee but aren't sure.

If anyone can tell me true or false I'd appreciate it!

For all of you dealing with blizzards today I hope you are hunkered down someplace safe and warm.

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Dorthe said...

Dear Gail- the birds are so beautifull- never saw something like them here in DK.
AND your collage uhhhh I love it, so so full of beauty.
And as if that is not enough, you also made the did you manage in one day--also watsching the birds, lol-no I mean it- must take long time to do that wreath !
Hugs, from me-Dorthe

Lululiz said...

Goodness, those birds are something else, they are so incredibly round and fluffy!

LuLu Kellogg said...

I think you are right about the little birds and if my memory serves me right, they have little triangular bills. They are so pretty!

I see you are making magic in your studio! Love the collage and the wreath!

We have snow here too but not as much as they said we were going to get!


Lorraine @ creativedaily said...

Snow for you and rain for me! I always find snow/rain days are great creative days - looks as if you do too! Time for a hot chocolate.

Crafty Gal Linda said...

the birds are gorgeous. I don't know what they them pretty bird :) that wreath is wonderful. I want to make one.

In the Light of the Moon said...

Gail,what lovely creations you have today!!I may have to stop by that tutorial because that is soooo cool!!
What lovely visitors you have as well!!Hugs,Cat

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

Let's just say that you are a much better girl than me. If I lived in a blizzard kind of place, all I will do is eat chocolate and watch TV!!!

Rhonda said...

Why did I move to Arizona, why? LOL You ladies get all these creative snow days, we get NONE.

Beautiful work and nature outside your window to boot.

Lovely post and a peek into the wintery life I left behind.

Nita Jo said...

Love the collage! So pretty! I have really been enjoying all your bird photos! You have so many that we don't see up here. Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

So nice of you to stop by, and happy to see your blog. It is beautiful.. I love the photos you took of outdoors! Always so nice to see others places too!

A Vintage Chic said...

Good morning, Gail! So glad I found your lovely blog today (through Dorthe). Love that wreath--I'll have to give that a try! Your fabric collage is beautiful, too!

What colorful birds you have outside your window! I love watching mine, too...but here in California, they're not nearly so colorful!

I'll be following along...hope your day is wonderful!


Linda M. said...

Hi Gail, I like that word "hankering" and I love the book cover collage, it's beautiful. I have an old book cover waiting for me. Thanks. I love your bird photos. I had some birds in my back yard this week. I put a little video on my blog to share. If you have time I also made something using one of your images again and posted it today. Stay warm.

dining tables said...

The birds are beautiful! I definitely like these photos.