Friday, March 25, 2011

Do you Ever have Days...

Do you ever "those days" when you wonder
Why Bother?

I Certainly Do. 

Today I was following some links and came across this image and it immediately grabbed me. 
I said to myself ...Self, this is a most excellent thing to remember!

If I start comparing my self, my art, my blog, my business, my philosophy to someone else's then I hit that wall that says...why bother.

Most of the time I manage to corral self comparisons, yet, being human, sometimes it is difficult.  As I have aged I think I have learned, somewhat, to control the urge.  Because those thoughts are self defeating.  Luckily those are days in the minority...but when  caught unaware by those insidious thoughts I find I am left with a terrible taste in my mouth and as the awful question pops up to ask ...why bother?

 So strongly did the statement call to me I followed the image link and discovered the artist has an Etsy store.  Her name is Valentina and her shop is called Valentina Design.  I have always been drawn to pen and ink work and Valentina's intricate designs are a joy to behold.  But aside from her drawings, this piece she created with it's message, spoke loudest to me.  It should speak loud to all of us who have "those days". 

I need to pin that saying to my inspiration board.

Happy Friday lovely bloggers. 
 No matter where you are, no matter how near or how far,
you are dear to my heart.



Cindy Adkins said...

Hi Gail,
Oh, this is such an important message! I am so happy being who I am--and I'll bet you are too! We are like little bits of creativity that come from God and always inspired by Him.

And I sure thought of you this week when I heard that
a tornado touched down in Tennessee...I knew it wasn't near you though because Ralph was coming back here and drove right past where it was.

Sherry Smyth said...

This is a very good reminder (love the art work!) -- I'm very much needing to be reminded of this. It's totally who I think I'm not that IS holding me back!! xoxox

Createology said...

Thank you so very much for sharing this message that is so pertinent. I need to remember this! Happy weekend...

Wanda @ Just Vintage said...

Oh, my goodness, yes! I do! I can't believe you do, though. But thanks for sharing that. Your thoughts and the quote. It's hard for us to remember that just because we think we're not "as good at" something that this person or that person is, we're still touching and blessing someone else in our own way. Hopefully the way God planned it.

suziqu's thread works said...

Oh Gail thank you for being so honest about a thought that many of us think from time to time! We are all different, all creative in some way or another, we all "try" to excel but what more could you want than to "be yourself". Gail let me tell you there are many people out there who wish they had half of the skills that you have.
You are one fantastic woman who gives so much to so many and we all truely appreciate what you do!
Big hugs,

Rhonda said...

That is a wonderful saying and so true. I'm with you, I try not to compare, everyone's life is so different and everyone's life choices are so different.

Thank you for this, it hit home.

Rhonda Cable said...

Hi Gail, like the other postings, and yours too...this message sooo hit home. I am my own worst 'critic' and I have many times wondered why I continue to do what I do...then it hits me as soon as I start creating new ideas in my head...because it's what I do and I am good at it! God has blessed me with sooo many creative talents and I am thankful for them and for being able to share them. Thank you for the bit of inspiration...and it is tacked to the front of my design board and I can look at it eveytime I'm working in my studio.

Pearl said...

I so agree.....It is a constant struggle to be happy with myself and appreciate who I am.
Thanks for the boost.

QueenBe said...

Gail I think it's human nature to feel this way at times, but it's nice to be reminded we are not alone, our feelings are understood, and to see someone write it out for all to read, it really helps snap us out of the "why bother" syndrome. Great post, great piece of art and wonderful message!

amber heagerty said...

Oh that spoke to me in every way...thanks for sharing :)
artful hugs!