Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Glorious Spring

Spring has finally poked its head out here in the mountains.
Have I told you that this is my favorite time of the year?
When I can walk outside without bundling up like a snow man
when I can finally open my windows and doors,
I am a happy, happy woman.

I walked around the yard the other morning and discovered beauty.

Happy Spring day lovlies!
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Dorthe said...

Gail, yes it is so very wonderfull, when being able to open doors and windows---here it is not that time,yet..but the sun has visited for some dayes- and that is so beautifull.
I love the photoes you have shown, dear.

Shirley said...

Gail, I think Spring has maybe arrived, but we have a tornado watch until 9 o'clock this evening. Your flowers are so pretty. Take care. A Missouri Friend.

Tammie Lee said...

such beautiful spring photos and flowers!

Kathy said...

So pretty, what a joy to find that....