Monday, April 18, 2011

Lots Going On

Are you feeling like I have this month, like it's been crazy busy, and the days are slipping away as fast as water through a cracked glass?  I suppose part of that feeling is that so often we take on to much and then hurry hurry to meet those obligations, deadlines and timeframes.

I know I am guilty of thinking I can do it all.  It's not that I have a problem saying no.  Oh yes, I can most definitely say no. :-)  And have.  And do.  For me I think it is more that I tend to think some jobs won't take as long as they end up taking, or I put to much of my time, and of me,  into some jobs that truly don't need all that effort.  I suppose that is the perfectionist side of me.

One item on my forever, ever long, to do list was a new digital class.  And I finished it yesterday.  Yay!

Opens May 16

If you saw this image on my blog this winter and liked it, let me show what it looked like


I'm sure we all have photos like this

but isn't THIS more interesting?

Or what about this one?
It's ok right?

But now we've elevated it to art.

Would you like to put photos like these on YOUR blog? 
Do you create cards, scrapbook, create altered art in it's many forms?  I imagine you have oodles of inspiration right in your own photo stash you thought you couldn't use.  Now you can learn to create your own grungy, distressed and textured masterpieces! 
 You might think twice before discarding future photos.

Learn to work with layers and blending modes. You'll learn to texture using just one or two layers and you'll learn to texture with lots of layers.   I'll show you how to use a simple grunge mask to for a quick and easy way to grunge the edges of a photo, like Mama Cardinal above. 
Learn an easy way to lighten your photos without losing details and an easy way to watermark your photos for publishing to the 'net. 

So if you've ever wished you knew how to give a plain, even boring photo some PIZAZZ this is a good class for you!  You can wing on over to Shabby Cottage Studio  for all the details of Down and Dirty the Digital Way.
Beginners welcome! 
 I'm teaching this class with Photoshop Elements 9 but if you have PSE 5, 6, 7 or 8,  this class will work for you.

I also want to share some new information about Artful Gathering.
We have been using Blogger for our information and Registration site but have never been happy with it.  We felt it was a tad cumbersome and we couldn't lay out the information in the way we really wanted .  So I've been working on a new site and I was able to cross THAT off my to do list this weekend!

We have added a link to the new site on the Artful Gathering blog.  You will find us at  Eventually we will close the old blog.  Please come check out the new site.
We now have all the Workshop descriptions up and most of them have photos and prices.

Check out the Artwork page to see videos of each teachers artwork.  It is awesome!

And since this is an invitaiton only event don't forget to Register Now!
The event site opens June 25 and at that time Registered guests will be able to start purchasing classes.
You've got plenty of time left to save your pennies for this new and exciting online video event!

Check out Monica Zuniga and Pam Carriker Preview workshop videos!

Visit everyone at

So now my lovlies, you know what I've been up to this month. What's happening with you?!

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Diana said...

Would your Down and Dirty class work with Photoshop CS?

Catherine Denton said...

WOW! You've been a busy lady!

I'm trying to think of something really cool to say I've been doing, but I've got nothing. ha. Unless you count weeding my front yard so I can paint on the porch without getting a twitch. Bedazzling, isn't it?
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QueenBe said...

Gail your photoshop class sounds like a ton of fun! I am pretty inept at Photshop and should attempt to master it one day.

I am keeping an eye out on your Arthful Gathering addditons, and I wish so much that I could take some of the classes. They sound fascinating. The summertime is just not good for me, so I am hoping and praying that you might do something like it in the fall or winter. I'll continue to check things out, and

Shabby Cottage Studio said...

DiIana if you contact me I will be happy to talk to you about it. I couldn't find a way to contact you. I have a contact tab at the top of my blog.

LuLu Kellogg said...

I am busy as a bee too! I have been working on art for the National Halloween Convention that is in two weeks...eeeeeeeek! I am on track though so far!

Happy Monday!

Charmingdesigns said...

ohhhh, I LOVE how those roses turned out. I plan to sign up, I'd like to get back into my "elements" its in lock down on my other computer (virus)

Anonymous said...

Really pretty, Gail!

She Uses Her Words said...

Your new class sounds so interesting! I will add it to my list of classes I want to take from you. Right now I'm in Nellie's and thoroughly enjoying myself! Thanks for making these classes available to us.
xo, Karen

Lorraine @ creativedaily said...

Lovely digital work Gail!


You are SO what you've done with those photos. Thanks for the "woo hoo" at my blog, sweet friend!!!