Friday, May 6, 2011

Pretty Pretties

I wish I was better with before pictures because you would not have believed this box.  It was at one time a very old wood mailbox that was attached vertically to a wall with a cut out in the top for the mail.  It was dirty with smeared dark red paint and and an ugly lock.  I loved the primitive shabbiness of it, just not the dirt, the sloppy paint job or the ugly lock.  Mr Shabby cleaned it up for me.  I painted it with  a dry brush method so some of the dark wood would still be visible, and then I added the appliques.  I glazed the bottom half of the box and loved the two tone look so much I did not glaze the top.  The worm holes and old crackle may not show well in the photo, but along with the mail slot we left on the side, they add to the utter charm of this box. 

I really wanted to keep it but *sigh* I was good and left it at the Corner Nest with a price tag on it.

I wanted to keep this box too.

I used one the Bee Paris Crown single large single image I list in the store.

And the color is my new "favoritest" color.

 I just love how it turned out with all the texture.

Do you think these pretties seem to have a tough life?!

Miss Minny

Miss Gracie

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend planned surrounded by love and happiness!
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Screaming Sardine said...

Wow, I am so in love with that lacy Paris box.


den lille lade said...

Oh my goodness Gail, I would have KEPT them both- they are wonderful-
and the box, looks like a fairitale,box, with all kind of happines locked inside.
Happy week-end-

slommler said...

Ooo! I wish I could come shop!
I love that oval box!! The texture and color is fabulous!! Sigh!!

cebelica said...

I just love that box. Amazing! And your kitties are so cute!

Ann said...

i so wouldn't have been able to give up any of those prettie!!!
Love miss Gracie and miss Minny!! they are the twins to 2 kitties I had years ago!!