Tuesday, June 14, 2011

It's a Done Deal!

Yes I did it!  I am ready to direct you all to my new home.  And I am admittedly very nervous!  It's a new venture, a step outside ye old comfort zone, after all I've been with Blogger for five years, and so, self-doubt crows loudly in my ear for the moment. But I tell myself that I'm old enough to realize I must ignore these taunts and just keep moving on.  And so I shall.

I even have my own domain now for the new blog.  You can find me at shabbycottagestudio.net

And I'm having a giveaway to welcome you to my new home!  
So I hope you will stop by and link to me and I can be back in business again.

As some of you suggested in an earlier post,  I checked out Google reader, and my goodness I was surprised at how easy it is to use to follow blogs! No wonder you use it!  And by using Google Reader Subscription I found I can follow any blog I want, not just a blogger blog!  I have some friends on Typepad and Wordpress and have already added them!  I added the subscriber to my favorites so it's easy now, when I visit a blog I want to follow I click on the subscriber link I bookmarked, simply hit the subscribe button and BOOM it is added to my list.  Why did I not know of this earlier! LOL  I may be mad at Google for screwing up my blog, but this seems like a good thing they offer. 

So, fare thee well Blogger old friend. The time has come to move on.

See you my lovely friends at my new home!

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Thursday, June 2, 2011


Yep that is me, right here, right now.
You know I don't usually revert to my blog to complain but I need a moment. 

I think I am feeling my age.  It seems there is something in the air, and while it has been there for quite some time, here lately it seems even worse. Like a bad smell gone overly bad. Since I did recently have a birthday  I keep telling myself it's not worse, it's just me.  Getting old. 

What ARE you talking about Gail you might ask.  I'm talking about technology and change.  Everywhere I go these days I am confronted by change I don't want and don't even like. 

Now I don't mind change when it truly helps me and makes my life easier, or better or more enriched.  But not all change is necessarily good is it?

I used to like Google.  I still depend on Google to be my search engine...you can't beat it.  But I really don't want Google taking over the internet as they seem wont to do lately.  I can no longer get into any of my blogs easily and have to go about it in a convoluted manner because Google wants to connect all of me and my accounts to Google.  Whether I want to be connected or not. 

So I mentioned in an earlier post that I was thinking about this and I have made up my mind.  I am moving my blog.  I will keep you updated.  I am still working on the new one.  And I will gladly tell Google to keep their nose out of it.

I used to like Etsy.  But every time they make a change over there it simply makes more work for me.  Now I don't mind work.  I am an extremely hard worker and put in many, many hours working my businesses.  But I believe in working smarter not harder.  Because eventually I run out of hours in the day to get everything done.

If you present me with a change that allows me to do less clicking, less scrolling, less writing, less figuring things out, less key tapping, less anything...hey, I'm all for it! But when I have to do more of all this I cry foul! 

So I'm thinking about closing my Etsy store. Because when is to much, to much? It's  hard enough without these online companies constantly changing things.  And every time a company says...Hey Guess What! we've made a change to make things better, they are not usually changes for the better for me...simply changes that make what I do take longer. 

I don't hate technology, technology does help me run my businesses.  But hey, technology we don't need changes every few nanoseconds. Give me less steps not more! 

Okay lovlies thank you for the moment and your ear.  I feel better. 
Now I have to get back to work
because I hear someone else making a change I probably won't like either. ;-)

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