Tuesday, June 14, 2011

It's a Done Deal!

Yes I did it!  I am ready to direct you all to my new home.  And I am admittedly very nervous!  It's a new venture, a step outside ye old comfort zone, after all I've been with Blogger for five years, and so, self-doubt crows loudly in my ear for the moment. But I tell myself that I'm old enough to realize I must ignore these taunts and just keep moving on.  And so I shall.

I even have my own domain now for the new blog.  You can find me at shabbycottagestudio.net

And I'm having a giveaway to welcome you to my new home!  
So I hope you will stop by and link to me and I can be back in business again.

As some of you suggested in an earlier post,  I checked out Google reader, and my goodness I was surprised at how easy it is to use to follow blogs! No wonder you use it!  And by using Google Reader Subscription I found I can follow any blog I want, not just a blogger blog!  I have some friends on Typepad and Wordpress and have already added them!  I added the subscriber to my favorites so it's easy now, when I visit a blog I want to follow I click on the subscriber link I bookmarked, simply hit the subscribe button and BOOM it is added to my list.  Why did I not know of this earlier! LOL  I may be mad at Google for screwing up my blog, but this seems like a good thing they offer. 

So, fare thee well Blogger old friend. The time has come to move on.

See you my lovely friends at my new home!

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