Vintage Linen & Lace Packets

 Do you have a hard time finding vintage lace where you live?  Do you have projects in mind that don't require massive amounts?  Do you just love lace and want to add to your collection?  Then you will like these packets of vintage linen and lace I have put together for you. 
I have a friend who is a retired antique dealer and she had to downsize.  I travelled to Atlanta and brought back massive amounts of vintage lace that was a mishmash of sizes, type and age.  I thought I would sell some here on the blog.

Here is what you are purchasing:
1 package of random pieces of vintage laces.  These pieces range anywhere from small table scarves, to  sleeves from a lace dress, to small doilies to lace collars and lace trim.  They vary from cotton, linen, crocheted and tatted lace. 
I have filled each package with a minimum of six (6) pieces and sometimes more depending on the size of the pieces.  I tried to put in a large piece...which could be a small table scarf or large doiley, a medium piece,
and some smaller pieces of trim.  When some packages ended up being only lace trim I added more pieces.
If you are looking for perfect then these may not be for you.  Remember these are vintage.  It means a lot of these pieces have been used and loved.   Some may have a small hole or stain, some may be just pieces,  but for the most part they were all in good condition.  I have cleaned them but not ironed them (there was just to many ladies...I'd still be ironing).  If you know more about cleaning vintage linens and laces than I do if you have a piece with a small stain you may be able to remove it.  These are things that don't bother me when I buy old linens and lace because I know most likely I will be cutting them up for my projects anyway. 
This is a sample of the random package you will receive.
 And these pictures are just random packages

I pulled and took photos of the contents
to give you an idea of the type of laces I have packaged.

U.S. Shipping
$20.00 + $3.00 shipping (USPS First Class)
If you order more than one package, once I get it packed and weighed I will refund any overage on postage there might be.

International Shipping

Not a resident of the States?  Not a problem!  I will gladly ship International for $20.00 + the International First Class postage cost.  You can purchase using the Paypal button ($23.00) and then when I figure the difference between U.S. shipping and your country I will send you a Paypal invoice for the balance due.

Or you can contact me first to get a shipping price quote.
I'm easy to work with! :-)

Customer Comment:

"Wowww! The postman has just delivered the lace packs you sent and I can't believe how much there is and all of it is beautiful. The photos of the packs on the computer screen just didn't prepare me for the size, I thought they would just be about 4 x 6!
I especially love the doilies as they are almost impossible to get hold of in the UK. I wish I'd been able to save the ones my grans used to have sitting on their dressers to protect the surfaces. Thank you for sharing your precious stash."